.25-06 Remington

.25-06 A Real Performer

Q:  After  reading  what you wrote about the .25-06  I  bought  a  Remington Model 700 in .25-06 and mounted it with a Meopta Meopro  4-12×50 scope in Leupold mounts. I also got 120 rounds of  Remington ammo half loaded with the 100gn Core Lokt Pointed soft-  point bullet for feral goats and pigs and half with the 115gn  Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded for deer. I’d like your opinion of this  outfit and the .25-06. Can you suggest a couple of good loads –  one for long range varmints and one all around load for ferals  and fallow deer?
Aubrey Longworth
A:  The  more  I use the .25-06,  one of the oldest  wildcats  in  existnce, the more I think of it. Cartridge is simply the .30-06  case necked to .25 calibre with the same 17-degree, 30-minute  shoulder angle retained. When I first tried it in the early  1950s, it wasn’t much better than the .25-303 simply because with  the powders then available the cartridge was greatly overbore  capacity, With the quicker burning of todays powders it’s still  overbore capacity, but with the slow powders it really has some  get up and go. The 100gn Core-Lokt PSP bullet leaves the muzzle  at 3230 fps which for a bullet of that weight, sectional density  and wind-bucking ability is a lot of velocity. The 115gn Core-  Lokt Ultra-Bonded at 3000 fps is a good deer load. It’s  still  moving along at 2293 fps at 300 yds. and hits with 1342 ft/lb of  energy. By comparison, the 100gn bullet has 2287 fps and 1161  ft/lbs left at 300.  You can duplicate those velocities by  loading 50gn of AR2209 behind a the 100gn Nosler Partition bullet  for 3000fps while 48gn behind the 115gn Nosler Ballistic Tip gets  3000fps. A good flat-shooting varmint load uses the Hornady 75gn  V-Max over 60gn of Supreme 780 for 3600fps. To my surprise  accuracy was good with everything I fed into my rifle. Smallest  groups ran about .75. Poorest group was under one-inch. In my  experience, the 25-06 makes a superb long range feral and deer  rifle. You’ve got a good outfit in that Model 700 and Meopta  scope.




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Nick Harvey

The late Nick Harvey (1931-2024) was one of the world's most experienced and knowledgeable gun writers, a true legend of the business. He wrote about firearms and hunting for about 70 years, published many books and uncounted articles, and travelled the world to hunt and shoot. His reloading manuals are highly sought after, and his knowledge of the subject was unmatched. He was Sporting Shooter's Technical Editor for almost 50 years. His work lives on here as part of his legacy to us all.


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