Winchester Mod 70 Featherweight .270

.223 Underpowerd For Deer

I use my Sako .223 for shooting foxes and other smaller animals. Recently I’ve gained access to a number of properties that have goats, pigs and deer. From all reports I’d be undergunned using the .223 for deer and pigs, so I’m looking for a new rifle for hunting larger game. I’m considering the .25-06 as I’ve read good reports from you on this calibre, however, I’d like to know how you’d rate the .25-06 against the
.270 Win., and .270 WSM?
Are there any other calibres I should be looking at, such as the .30-06 and 7mm Rem. Mag? Is there any particular rifle you’d recommend seeing that 80-percent of my hunting will be done on foot. I prefer
a traditional rifle with timber stock and have been thinking about buying a secondhand Winchester or European rifle and having it refurbished. Are there any brand models, years that I should be looking for, and which ones can easily be rechambered to the calibre best suited for the game? Next, what scope? I’ve had a good run with Zeiss, but are there any other brands I should be looking at? What size scope would you recommend? Finally, what load would you recommend for the suggested calibre and for my .223 Sako? My mates use a .243 and .22-250 for spotlighting and I need some ammo to improve the .223. What would you suggest?
– Caleb Martin

Choosing the .270 Winchester is never a mistake. The .25-06 is a good all-around rifle, but the .270 has an edge where larger deer species are concerned. I’d recommend either the Ruger Hawkeye in blued-walnut (I have one in .257 Roberts that I swear by) or the Winchester Model 70 Featherweight. Forget about buying a secondhand rifle as you don’t know what you’ll be getting. Also forget about rechambering such a rifle.
If you want a cheaper rifle have a look at the Marlin XL7, the Ruger American and Remington 783 – all are well-made and accurate. I am happy with the Zeiss Conquest 3-9×40 I have on my gun, but the Meopta Meopro 3-9×42 will work just as well on a .270 while the Meopro 3.5- 10×44 is about perfect for your .223 Rem. In your .223 try the Barnes 53gn TFX FB and 25gn of AR2206H for 3240fps. I’ve killed lots of goats with that load. In the .270 Winchester, I use the 130gn Nosler AccuBond and 58gn of AR2213sc for about 3060fps.




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