Left to right, .257, .270, .7mm and .300 Weatherby Magnums

.270 or 7mm Weatherby Magnum

USDA Forest Service [Public domain]
USDA Forest Service [Public domain]

Q: I’ve hunted with a Weatherby Mark V rifle in .270 Weatherby Magnum for a number of years now. My hunting mate recently bought a new Mark V stainless in 7mm Weatherby Magnum to take on a hunt we’ve booked in Canada. Now he’s trying to impress me by saying that although the two cartridges are about equal in performance on deer-size game, the 7mm is far superior for larger game such as moose and elk because it can be handloaded with heavier bullets. Do you agree? If not, can you suggest a load for my trip.
Ted Scott

A: No, I don’t agree with your mate’s opinion. When loaded to a velocity of 3100fps with a stout 160gn bullet , the .270 is just as effective on larger game as the 7mm Weatherby magnum loaded with the heaviest bullet available in that calibre. The two cartridges are about equal in performance, and I consider either one an excellent choice for elk and moose. My choice

Left to right, .257, .270, .7mm and .300 Weatherby Magnums
Left to right, .257, .270, .7mm and .300 Weatherby Magnums

of a load for elk and moose in the .270 Weatherby would be Barnes 150gn MRX BT over a stiff charge of AR2213SC. Work up from 64gn toward 67gn which gives 3105 fps. Believe me, that bullet will equal the performance of any 160 or 175gn 7mm bullet I’ve ever tried.




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