Needs more velocity from his .223

Mossberg MVP .223

Can you help me with answers to a couple of questions? I use a Mossberg MPV rifle with 24 inch barrel in .223 mounted with a Tasco 6-24×42 Target scope for target shooting. The distances are 300, 500 and 600 yards. I have also used Outback ammo and shot at 900 yds with some success. Can I seat the 69gn projectile to an overall length of 60mm which is about 1.8mm away from touching the lands. Will seating the bullet deeper (56.6mm factory OAL) make the projectile land higher or lower on the target, or will it have no effect? When I used Australian Outback 69gn ammo I found it capable of shooting 900 yds and hitting the point of aim. I use 22gn of BM2 powder, CCI primers and Winchester cases and the bullets drop short of the target at 900yds. Could you suggest a load using BM2 powder which will duplicate the Outback ammo at 2959fps? It gets expensive to use factory ammo at $39.50 for 20 when I can reload for a fraction of the cost and get accuracy as well – a win-win situation.
– Kym Sloper

I don’t think changing the seating depth of your bullet will have any discernible effect upon the trajectory, but it may affect accuracy to some minor extent. But in all honesty, the only way to be sure of this is to vary the seating depth and see now it affects results in your particular rifle. You didn’t tell me which 69gn bullet you are using? So, I’ll assume it is the Sierra 69gn HPBT. A charge of 23-1/2gn of BM2 should get it out of your 24 inch barrel at 2970fps. Your load of 22gn is probably only doing about 2800fps.




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