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Point Blank Range for the .270

Q: Currently, foxes are the largest game I hunt, but I recently bought a Ruger M77 All Weather in .270 Win. with Leupold VXI 4- 12×40 scope. I intend using this outfit to hunt fallow and red deer and also pigs and goats, with the future chance of tackling the mighty sambar stag. But that is still a fair way down the track, unfortunately. I’d like your advice on one bullet that will handle all the above quarry? The different bullets being recommended by guys at my range include – AccuTip Bonded, Tipped Triple Shock and InterBond. I want a bullet in 110gn weight for when I want to shoot a fox or two. But I’d like to have your opinion as you have a long history with the .270 Win. I have 100 Remington cases and a large amount of AR2206H that I can use. What is the maximum point blank range for your load. How high should I sight my rifle in at 100 yards to achieve the best results? When not chasing deer I often spotlight foxes and will use the 110gn load in my .270 to reach out and get those wary foxes that won’t come to the whistle. Also to allow me to get accustomed to the rifle’s recoil and ergonomics. So it would be greatly appreciated if you could supply a trajectory table for the load. I also have a CZ .22 Hornet which I thoroughly enjoy using with a load of 12.8gn of W-296 and 35gn V-Max bullet. However,  I am warming to the new .17 Hornet. What will the .17 do that my Hornet won’t? I’ve been asking myself if it’s worth buying a .17 Hornet because I also have a .222 for the longer shots when they crop up.
Kane Hendrickson

A: I’ve gained excellent results on goats and pigs using the Hornady 110gn Interlock bullet with 48gn of AR2206H which gave a muzzle velocity of 3254fps in my Brno rifle with 600mm barrel. I also stopped a number of fallow bucks in their tracks with that bullet. For larger deer species I’d recommend the 130gn Barnes TSX. The AccuBond and Interbond are good bullets, but I prefer the Barnes. I load 55gn of AR2209 behind a good 130gn bullet for 3060fps, but you could try to work up to 45gn of AR2206H for about 2930fps. With the 130gn load sight in 3 in. high at 100 yards for a 278 yds. zero and point blank range of 326 yds. With the 110gn load I’d sight in 1.5 in. high at 100 yds. for a 200yds zero and a drop of about 7 in. as foxes represent a small target out at 300.If you have a .22 Hornet and a .222, why buy a .17 Hornet? Those two guns pretty well cover all your bases.




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