The 160gn .284" Nosler Accubond is perfectly adequate for large sambar.

Nosler AccuBond Plenty Tough Enough

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Federal 7mm Rem. Mag. loaded with Nosler 160gn Accubond
Federal 7mm Rem. Mag. loaded with Nosler 160gn Accubond

Q: I am thinking about loading the Nosler 160gn AccuBond in my 7mm Rem. Mag. with 24″ barrel for sambar hunting. Do you think this bullet is constructed strongly enough to handle a mature stag. If it is up to the job, could you suggest a load?
Chad Pierce

A: Judging from what I’ve seen the AccuBond do, I rate it as being one of the best controlled expanding bullets available. The AccuBond utilises an impact-extruded, gilding metal jacket of solid base design, a lead core that’s melted inside the jacket, and a polycarbonate tip. The base and jacket walls are very thick and taper to become thinner toward the point to produce an unusually wide lead core in the forward section of the bullet. As a rule, at shorter ranges, they expand right down to the base and show a tendency too shed 30 to 40 percent of their weight. They are superbly accurate, have a high BC, and provide excellent downrange performance. I’d recommend them without reservation for deer up to the size of red stag, but would prefer the Nosler 150gn E-Tip for sambar. Seeing how much different brands of 7mm Rem. Mag. cases differ in capacity, I suggest that with the 160gn AccuBond you work up from 60gn Reloder 22 to a possible maximum of 63gn and start 2gn lower with the E-Tip.

The 160gn .284
The 160gn .284″ Nosler Accubond is perfectly adequate for large sambar.

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