6.5x68 Schuler

Who’s Rubbishing The 6.5×68 Cartridge?


Q: Can you give me your opinion of the 6.5x68mm cartridge and a couple of loads for it using 120 and 140gn projectiles? I have been offered a nice Voere 2165 rifle in this calibre, but have heard that it is very hard on barrels with a life of only 500- 1000 rounds. But I’m still interested in buying it since it was owned by a trophy fallow deer hunter from Tassie who has put a minimal amount of rounds through it.


Ian Cameron


A: The 6.5x68mm is not a common calibre. The cartridge was developed about 1939 and is really a hot number as it was loaded by RWS with a 93gn bullet at a velocity of 3968 fps, and a 127gn bullet at 3779fps. For a good many years I had a Mauser 66 in 6.5x68mm Schuler and did some good shooting with it. Forget all that rubbish you heard about it being hard on barrels. It should last at least 2500 rounds with hunting accuracy. I worked up a lot of different loads for my rifle and one owned by a friend. Here are few good working loads. Hornady 100gn Interlock 68gn of AR2213sc for 3385fps; Sierra 120gn SP 64gn AR2213sc for 3100fps; Sierra 140gn BT 60gn AR2213sc for 2975fps. The 6.5x68mm is a fine deer and big-game rifle, only slightly less powerful than the .264 Win. Mag.




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