6.5x55 156gn RN ammo

Finnish Rifle With Swedish Cartridge A Winning Combo

Tikka T3X Hunter in 6.5x55 SE
Tikka T3X Hunter in 6.5×55 SE

Q: I bought a Tikka T3X in 6.5x55mm. It was recommended to me as a low recoil fallow deer rifle since I was flinching with the recoil of a .270 Win. What is the maximum point blank range of the 6.5×55 Swede? Would it be the same using the Sellier & Bellot 131gn SP load as with the Remington 140gn PSP? Is there a better brand of ammo and bullet for fallow bucks that has adequate knockdown power at long range? What is the effective range of this calibre on fallow bucks? How high should I sight my rifle above point of aim at 100yd? I will be using factory ammo.
David Kean

A: The maximum point blank range of the 6.5x55mm Swede with 140gn bullet is 318 yd. If you sight in to get the 140gn bullet striking 3.5in. at 100yd. it zeroes at 270yd. The MPB range should very only slightly with a 131gn bullet and due to varying

6.5x55 156gn RN ammo
6.5×55 156gn RN ammo

muzzle velocities with different brands of ammo. My advice is to sight in 3″ high at 100yd. with the ammo you are using. Both Sellier & Bellot and Remington ammo is good stuff. Fallow deer are thin- skinned, light-boned animals that are not hard to kill.




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