Tubb 2000 rifle in 6XC - Image Accurate Shooter

A Different 6mm Cartridge

David Tubb shooting 100.8 with 6XC - image Midsouth Shooters

David Tubb shooting 100.8 with 6XC – image Midsouth Shooters

Q: I want to get something in 6mm calibre other than a .243 or a 6mm Remington. What can you tell me about the 6×47 and Norma 6XC? Are cases available for both, or do I have to form them from some other case?
Edward McCarthy

6XC Cartridge Comparison
6XC Cartridge Comparison

A: Prior to the introduction of the 6mm PPC, a wildcat called the 6x47mm was the most popular cartridge used by benchrest shooter sin Sporter Class competition. Federal introduced match- grade nickel-plated cases in 1966.The case was made with a thick neck wall so that benchresters could turn it down for a close fit in so-called “tight-neck” chambers. After a few years Federal dropped the 6×47 case from production. The 6x47mm is the .222 Remington case (47mm long) necked-up for .243″ bullets. The only rifles I know of chambered for the 6×47 were a few Kimber Model 84s and the Remington 40-XBBR from Remington’s Custom Shop. The Norma 6XC (Across the Course) is a better bet. It was designed by legendary U.S high power shooter David Tubb to duplicate the performance of the .243 Win., but with none of that cartridge’s drawbacks, and to keep the bullets supersonic to 1000 yards. With moly-coated 105gn Match bullets the bullet 6XC did well in European 300m and 600m competition, while with very heavy 115gn DTAC bullets it dominated long range matches in the U.S.A. Its success on the rifle range led to Blaser introducing it as a hunting cartridge. Norma says that accuracy is outstanding, cases withstand more reloads than the .243 and the 6XC shows none of the throat erosion issue that plague the .243. Norma unprimed brass for the 6XC is being distributed by Winchester Australia and is well-priced.

Tubb 2000 rifle in 6XC - Image Accurate Shooter
Tubb 2000 rifle in 6XC – Image Accurate Shooter




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