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Q: I just lucked onto a good buy, a Remington Model 700 in as-new  condition fitted with a Leupold Vari-XIII scope. The owner bought  it back in the 1970s, found that he couldn’t handle its recoil,  and stored it in the back of his gun cabinet intending to have it  rebarreled to some other calibre at a later date. He never got  around to it and sold it to me for a bargain price. I plan to  take it on a safari to Namibia later this year. I know you had an  identical outfit that you not only used in Zimbabwe  but all over  the world. Can you suggest one good load for everything from  impala to eland? Incidently, what was the biggest animal you ever  shot with the 8mm Rem. Mag?
Clayton Marshall

A:  I am sorry that I ever parted with that Model 700 of mine  in  8mm Rem. Mag. because I used it all manner of game including  trophy water buffaloes with great success. The biggest animal I  shot with it in  Africa was a big “stinkbull” giraffe that a Boer  meat hunter wanted for making biltong. You need a strongly  structured bullet for this cartridge to guarantee dependable one-  shot kills on all large African game. My choice would be Barnes  200gn TSX BT which can be driven at 3000fps ahead of 79gn of Re-  19 or 80gn of AR2213SC. These days I am using the .325 WSM which  ain’t no slouch either pardner – it uses 66gn of W-760 to get the  Barnes 200-grainer out at 2960fps and deliver two tonnes of  energy. For all practical purposes there’s little difference  between the two rounds unless you go to the 220gn bullet which is  limited to about 2850fps in the .325.




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Nick Harvey

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