GECO ammo from RWS - economical and accurate.

RWS Centrefire Ammunition

Shooters who find RWS ammo rather expensive will find plenty to rejoice about with the introduction of more economical GECO ammunition. While relatively new to the market, GECO cartridges are loaded with simple semi-jacketed bullets manufactured in high volumes, which allows their pricing to be extremely competitive. GECO bullets are traditional designs, the Geco Plus has a bonded core for deep penetration and gilding metal jacket with skived point to initiate expansion. GECO Express has a streamlined shape with red polymer tip for low air resistance and high retained velocities, which can deliver a flat trajectory over long distances. High energy transfer results in a high percentage of one shot kills on medium game. GECO’s Soft Point has a thin-walled jacket with a small lead tip exposed. Expansion is controlled by deformation of the tip followed by gradually decreasing resistance from the jacket. It provides a good balance of penetration and knockdown power. Accuracy with all three GECO bullets is superb.

For certain calibres GECO makes a target load that costs less and is sold in a 50 pack. GECO calibres start with the .243 Win and top out with the 9.3x74R, with a good many popular metric and American calibres in the line-up.

RUARG Ammotech GmbH makes 38 different calibres of high quality ammo under the RWS label. Their regular range starts with the .22 Hornet and ends with the .404 Jeffery. Loaded with a selection of ten bullets of their own design and manufacture, including two new Monolithic lead-free bullets – the Bionic Yellow for light game and the Bionic Black for heavy game.

RWS cartridge boxes mark each calibre with a different colour to make them easily recognisable – 5mm and larger, red; 6mm and larger, cream; 7mm and larger, green; 8mm and larger, yellow; 9mm and larger, orange; and 10mm and larger, blue.

RWS Silver Selection ammo gains high performance from nickeled cases and EVO bullets with Super Clean technology and “flash control” propellants that keep muzzle flash to a minimum. Calibres are limited to: .308, .30-06, .300 Win. Mag., 9.3x62mm amd 9.3x74R. With the introduction of affordable GECO ammo, the RWS range has something for everybody. Australian Distributor: Outdoor Sporting Agencies.




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