Gamo Shadow IGT Air Rifle

GAMO, one of the world’s leading manufacturers has a new break- barrel-gun with an advanced gas-ram system, which together with new high-tech pellets gives a consistent level of performance

The  firm of Industria El Gamo, S.A located in  Barcelona, Spain, has become the largest airgun manufacturer in Europe by  providing quality adult air rifles, air pistols, scopes, pellets  and other accessories at reasonable prices. Gamo air rifles cover  the entire field – plinking, small-game hunting and pest control,  rather than serious
target competition. 

The newest model in the Gamo line is the Shadow IGT  (Inner  Gas Technology), an air rifle that enhances a proven break-barrel action with the addition of some innovative features. The Shadow  IGT utilizes the same firing mechanism as the popular Gamo Shadow  and Hunter models, both of which are designed to propel .177  pellets to 1000 fps. The IGT shares many of the features of this  pair of single stroke pneumatics, (not the propulsion method)  including single-stroke barrel cocking; an iron sight system  incorporating TRUGLO fibre-optic inserts in both the front post  and “U”-notch adjustable rear sight; a two-position manual safety  inside the polymer trigger-guard; a two-stage trigger adjustable  for second-stage length; a steel receiver with integral machined  dovetails for scope mounting and anchor recesses which engage a  screw projecting downward through the mount base to prevent  rearward scope movement under recoil.

The stock is identical to that of the Gamo Viper  Max  – a  matte-black solid synthetic ambidextrous stock with high Monte Carlo comb for proper head positioning with a scope. The  buttstock has a cheekpiece on both sides and plastic inserts with  raised bumps forming a gripping surface on grip and forend. A  20mm-thick recoil pad  decorates the butt.




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