Alex and Robert with their charcoal billy. Check out the horns on this beast - should make a terrific shoulder mount trophy.

Rob’s trophy billy

Once at our location with the 4×4 we then leave the vehicle and spend the next 15 minutes glassing the surrounding countryside with the Steiner 8×30 Wildlife Pro binoculars and soon spot a nice bachelor mob of billys.

They are a long way off but the wind is to our favour and we will be able to close the distance with the 4×4 to an undulating kilometre walk.

There is a real nice long-horned brindle billy that looks the best of the group and we stalk him.

The billys are feeding slightly above a group of four kangaroos so we need to not alarm the roos while constantly checking the breeze. After a careful stalk using the cover available, we get to 30 yards from the nearest roo and Rob has positioned and prepared himself against a tree for the slightly uphill shot.

I reglass the billys and a charcoal grey Billy with a better set of horns is among them so whisper to Robert, “Not the brindle brown one, the black grey billy moving toward to is bigger.”

Robert verifies the target and from 75 yards his Shultz and Larsen .270 with his reloaded ammo sends the 130 Barnes projectile to the vitals. The billy lurches forward, takes a couple of wobbly steps and collapses to the ground.

“You beauty!” I say. “That’s a real nice billy you got there.”

Now next to the billy, we congratulate each other again and chat about the whole stalk a couple of times, then take plenty of photos of this top billy trophy.

With only an hour of daylight left and we think wow, what an awesome afternoon’s hunt we have enjoyed before we make our way back to Rob’s 4×4 for the trip back to my place.

Till the next time, we are out and about.




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