SFF Puts Steak Through Vegan Terrorists

After a decade of campaigning, Robert Borsak, Leader of the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party has succeeded in having a Right to Farm Bill legislated through Parliament, which protects farmers and any agricultural activity or business from vegan terrorism.

“The SFF have fought long and hard to see this piece of legislation.

“The developing threat of vegan terrorism cannot be underestimated. They are well financed and well organised including overseas and Australian vegan and animal rights charities that have no stake in Australian agricultural industries.

“It has been of the utmost importance to the SFF to have protections in place for farming practices,” said Mr Borsak.

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party moved amendments to the Bill that were supported and passed by the House.

“Our amendments have defined agricultural activities to include any business that uses animal products; be that a farm, a butcher, or a tannery. They are all subject to vegan terrorism and should be protected.

“We needed to make the Bill stronger, and we needed to ensure that protections were in place for lawful industrial action.

“We also had concern’s that lawful industrial action would be targeted. Because of this, we made an amendment to the Inclosed Lands Act that makes sure industrial activity is exempt and ensures vegan terrorism is punished,” said Mr Borsak.

“This is the first major step in protecting lawful farming and other animal related activities and businesses.

“Because of the ongoing threat of urban encroachment, we have also enhanced the scope of this Bill to make sure lawful animal activities and lawful farming can continue, despite nuisance claims.

“Make no mistake, these people are elitists, and they will force their ideology from the city, often violently, where they can. They are a criminal gang masquerading as a cultural movement and now the law will deal them,” said Mr Borsak.

“These groups are well organised and have the resources to find legal loopholes and exploit the system.

“We will consider continued amendments and improvements to this Bill if the courts fail to punish these vegan terrorists appropriately,” said Mr Borsak.




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