The Bush

By Gus Plank.

Another magical sight found by the author, a huge tree fern.
Another magical sight found by the author, a huge tree fern.

Traffic, telephones, televisions and the ever present stress. Sadly just a part of so called modern living. I try to escape the rat race by going bush as often as I can. It’s never as often as I would like. I have been so keen to get away I only remembered to put the rifle in at the last moment.

I do a lot of hunting in the southern New England ranges, it is not exactly alpine country but it does receive good rain and it is beautiful country to hunt or just wander around in, it is just good being in the bush.

Because of its regular rainfall and occasional snowfall the soil is very fertile and can grow anything and grow it well. Since I have been hunting and fishing there I have come across some spectacular sites of Flora and Fauna. I have put a few photos of some special sights in this story to give you some idea of the special place it is. Amongst the good scenery there is a good supply of ferals with a few decent deer thrown into the mix.

Just recently I decided to head up and spend the night. The first morning found me climbing a steep incline. There was not much sign of deer or pig activity around but after cresting the rise I saw a large sow with a couple of half grown pigs going under a fence to the scrub beyond.

Moving further down I spotted a couple of red hinds easily high jumping the fence before the bush swallowed them up. A hundred yards further down I noticed a good looking red stag with antlers of good length and nice shape that was pacing

Large trees always inspire.
Large trees always inspire.

the fence line not too sure where to cross. It’s remarkable how well these animals can jump from a standing start. With that that said he effortlessly jumped the fence and disappeared from view.

The rest of the morning proved uneventful. Later that afternoon I went to the other side of the property. One paddock had plenty of pig sign about. I was just about to head back to camp when I spotted a young boar turning the ground over in the corner of the paddock. Using the extended bipod the .270 made short work of him. After a long day I returned to camp for a couple of well-deserved beers.

The following morning I thought I would retrace my steps from the previous day. Heading up the same hill I spotted the sow and slips sneaking under the fence and I was pleasantly surprised to hear a couple of boars fighting over the same hill. As I came to a halt a young pig came wandering over the rise; he spotted me immediately and propped. Fearing he would give the game away I moved a few steps forward and unfortunately he turned and bolted. Reaching the crest of the hill I was confronted with a good mob of pigs numbering about a dozen, with a couple of large boars exiting down the shallow gully on the right side.

As the two boars were quickly swallowed by the overgrown gully I focused on a medium sized pig racing up the hill on the left side. The roar of the Browning halted his run.

Disappointed about not getting a shot off at the two boars I started down the fence line. When I was only 50 yards down with light scrub on the other side, I was startled by a loud “woof” when the large boars broke cover. I rarely take Texas heart shots but upon seeing how large this pig was I had little choice.

The large boar which, although mortally wounded, still managed to charge the author.
The large boar which, although mortally wounded, still managed to charge the author.

It was just luck the shot hit him in the spine which dropped his rear end, as I raced down the fence a little to try and get a finishing shot he saw movement and came at me. I am always amazed how incredibility tough these mountain boars are, even though he was virtually immobilized he still made a good effort. A shot to the chest put him down for keeps.

I walked over to him and was rapt to find a very large boar with plenty of weight on him. Heading back to camp I was more than happy with the morning’s events. I knew it would not be long before I returned to that marvellous place simply called “the bush”.




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