Animal Activism Cash Cow – Peta’s Multi Million Dollar Con

Animal rights activism has taken off with the use of social media to brainwash the general public. There are now many noisy armchair crusaders who have little to no knowledge about the industries and activities that they are trying to destroy. Hunting and firearms ownership is high on their agenda of activities to close down.

The Real Face Of Animal Rights just released startling figures that show just how little of people’s donations go towards the actual cause. Its no surprise to the informed that they are milking people of their money with smoke and mirror campaigns that often have very little evidence to support their intervention.

The donations are fattening executives pockets, covering endless legal and contractor fees and doing very little for advertised causes.

A huge chunk of PETA’s multi-million dollar US income is swallowed up paying staff wages. Figures show its substantial war chest is fully stretched just meeting a massive $10million annual wages bill.

Expenses Total Percentage

Consultants and salaries $28,231,803 55.8%
Rent, office, operating exp. $5,184,391 10.3%
Media and promotional $11,136,229 22.0%
Donations to other NGOs $2,096,750 4.1%
Other $3,928,184 7.8%
Total $50,577,35

Millions more dollars are going on legal fees, admin costs and consultancy fees as the activist group grows fat on charitable donations.

Documents show it is running up eye-watering bills for overheads largely paid for by charitable benefactors.

Tthe US registered charity, now the biggest animal rights group in the world, received $63million in grants and contributions.

Peta’s financial books paint a shocking picture which is likely to stun benefactors who may ask how much of their money is actually going on animal welfare.

Friends say that one of Peta’s most famous benefactors, Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon, who died of cancer in 2015, would turn in his grave if he saw where the money was going.

Last year (2016) shocking new figures from the Centre for Consumer Freedom revealed that 1,411 cats and dogs died in Virginia, US, at the hands of Peta activists – representing 71 per cent of animals that went into its care.

A 2010 inspection of animal custody records conducted also discovered that 84 percent of animals Peta “saved” were killed within 24 hours.

While people expected their hard-earned cash to be put to a good use, Peta on average killed 1,895 animals per year,

believing the animals were better off dead than in captivity or unable to cope in the wild after years of captivity.

And in another stunt that went wrong its bungling activists “rescued” lobsters from a restaurant only to release them into a river which proved fats because lobsters cannot live in fresh water.

The group faced further embarrassment when they claimed a computer game was cruel to cows.

And another campaign backfired when Inuit communities in Canada protested against Peta and its threat to their traditional lifestyle by calling for seal hunting to be outlawed.

When Peta’s 68-year-old president Ingrid Newkirk stripped off to be pictured hanging with meat carcasses in a US slaughterhouse for a vegetarian campaign the reaction from the public was underwhelming.

Many asked her to put her clothes back on and said her shock tactics were old and tired.




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