Ashley Bidgood has finished 2012 as Queensland's most successful shooter.

Ashley continues fine form at Warwick

Queensland’s top performing rifle shooter of 2012, Ashley Bidgood, ended the competition year on a high note by winning the Darling Downs Open shot at Warwick on Sunday.

Ashley dropped just one shot to post the best score of 149, with 14 centres.

He opened the season winning four open competitions in a row and placed third in the 2012 QRA Queens Prize.

Three competitors in the strong Warwick field finished two down in the three-range event shot over 300, 500 and 600 yards.

Rob McMaster (Darling Downs) placed second with 16 centres, ahead of Goondiwindi shooter Roger North with 14 and Gary McBride from North Arm, who finished with nine centres.

Brian Whalan from Natives won B Grade in a shoot-off with Gatton’s Ron Bowman.

Ipswich shooter Lester Robinson won C Grade. The strong F Standard scope event was won by Beth Caskey from Pittsworth, a B Grader, who posted an impressive 175.12.

Brent Knudsen (Beaudesert) won the F Open competition.

Glen Perrin (Toowoomba) was an interested spectator on Sunday. Glen is one of the state’s all-time greats, who won four Queens Prizes and took out the Darling Downs Open a remarkable 10 times, his first victory being in 1952.

Much of his shooting career was with military-issue .303 rifles.

Darling Downs Open results

A Grade: Ashley Bidgood, Crows Nest-Goombungee, 149.14; 2 Rob McMaster, Darling Downs, 148.16; 3 Roger North, Goondiwindi, 148.14; 4 Gary McBride, North Arm, 148.9; 5 Geoff Grosskreutz, Brisbane, 147.15.

B Grade: 1 Brian Whalan, Natives, 144.8; 2 Ron Bowman, Gatton, 144.8 (shoot-off); 3 Dom Whalan, Natives, 142.8.

C Grade: 1 Lester Robinson, Ipswich, 140.10; 2 Glen Picton, Darling Downs, 139.6; 3 Sid Hart, Southern Downs, 137.6

F Open: 1 Brent Knudsen, Beaudesert, 177.11; 2 Mike Samuels, Beaudesert, 175.7; 3 Jenni Hausler, Brisbane, 13.10.

F Standard A Grade: 1 Mick Kyle, Gold Coast, 173.10; 2 John Johnstone, University, 173.9; 3 Brian Pickles, Natives, 170.6.

F Standard B Grade: 1 Beth Caskey, Pittsworth, 175.12; 2 Rod Dalle-Molle, Darling Downs, 168.7; 3 Bob Tyllyer, Southern Downs, 168.7.

Southern Downs Sweepstake: 1 Rob Bondfield, Southern Downs, 148.15.




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