Hog deer are the smallest and most exclusive of Australia's six deer species.

Snake Island’s hog deer hunt ‘critical’

The push to introduce balloted hunting of hog deer to Victoria’s Snake Island is at a critical stage, and a survey of hunters could help ensure its success.

The Australian Deer Association, which has spearheaded the campaign for hog deer hunting on the Gippsland island, has asked hunters to complete an online survey before Thursday as it gathers information that will underpin its final submission to government.

Snake Island contains about a quarter of Victoria’s hog deer herd, which has been restored to a small but healthy population that currently supports the hunting of about 100 animals a year as part of its management.

Hog are the smallest and most exclusive of the six deer species in Australia.

The ballot would be based on the ones already in place for Blond Bay and Boole Poole, and would entail bag limits and designated hunting areas, as well as restricting hunters to mid-year hunts.

The ADA proposed a two-year trial be conducted and the success of the ballots be assessed afterwards.

“A part of making the case for balloted hunting will be proving how much hunters value the opportunity and how valuable the opportunity potentially is for the local area,” the ADA says.

“By having as many hunters as possible complete the survey we will not only get the best possible data, we will also be able to clearly demonstrate how important this opportunity is to the hunting community.”

The survey covers subjects such as whether you’d take part in a ballot for a hog deer hunt on Snake Island, what you think the ballot should cost, spending habits, accommodation preferences and more.

The survey, which takes about five minutes, must be completed by 8pm this Thursday, 29 November.




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