The Game Council's Ned Makim features in the latest Australian Hunting Podcast.

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Aussie SHOT Show on Facebook; anti-gun story leads to crime; classified relaunch; SSAA NSW action centre; excellent hunting knowledge; exposing the anti-gunners’ bull.

Aussie SHOT Show on Facebook

You can now keep up with news and gossip about the Australian SHOT Show via Facebook. The organisers have set up a SHOT Show page to disseminate info in the lead-up to the show on the weekend of May 25-26. This year it’s Melbourne’s turn to host the event, Australia’s biggest shooting, hunting and outdoors expo.

Anti-gun story leads to crime

A stunt by a newspaper that printed a list of gun owners in New York now appears to have led thieves to target at least one of the homes identified. The anti-gun paper printed names of people with permits to carry concealed firearms, and mapped every one of their homes. Shooters were outraged at the breached of privacy and the danger it posed, though the paper did nothing illegal. On top of other dangers the publications caused for people, it now appears at least one attempted theft has resulted from the list. Two men broke into one of the homes identified, but were unable to get into the safe containing the owners gun. One offender has been arrested and investigations are continuing.

Classified relaunch had been relaunched. The firearms classifieds site is still growing from a modest base, but offers free ads and says it has 30,000-40,000 views a month. [The website is not connected in any way with the magazine Guns Australia.]

SSAA NSW action centre

The NSW arm of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia has launched a new website section, the Action Centre. The organisation will use to better disseminate news and information about current events. “You will be able to keep up to date with the latest issues relating to the safe, fun and unique range of shooting sports, download petitions, letters and get information on current and past campaigns,” it says. The page also includes contact details for all NSW members of parliament.

Excellent hunting knowledge

You’ll hear some excellent tips and observation on hunting in the latest Australian Hunting Podcast episode, particular about using dogs to hunt pigs. The NSW Game Council’s Ned Makim shares a wealth of knowledge in the podcast. “I was very humbled chatting with Ned because I could hear the passion in his voice,” host Jason Selmes said. Jason reckons it’s “some of the best information the Australian Hunting Podcast has provided to date.”

Exposing the anti-gunners’ bull

If you haven’t seen this clip yet, it’s worth taking a few minutes to see how one US channel debunked false statements by anti-gun TV host Piers Morgan. Morgan, as you may know, is a Briton in the US who has been highly critical of the nation’s gun laws, making himself very unpopular with pro-gun Americans. Like so much of the anti-gun movement, Morgan skews figures to suit his argument.




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