Outrageous: After all of Jackass's stunts, it seems this is going too far, even with a fake gun and a sense of the ridiculous.

Snap Shots

Firearm charges; wolf hunt beats activists’ efforts; NIOA TV; extra Dimensions; Lithgow re-enactments; red card for shooting mime; Jackass goes too far with gun and puppy; boar hunting fail.

Firearm charges

Last week, South Australian police arrested a 46-year-old Sheidow Park man and charged him with possession of a semi-automatic rifle that they allege was unregistered, five counts of possessing unregistered firearms, five counts of having insecure firearms, six counts of breaching the conditions of a firearm licence and five counts of unlawful possession. They seized eight firearms.

Wolf hunt to go ahead

Minnesota’s first wolf hunting season will go ahead after a US court refused a request by animal rights groups to impose an injunction. The animals rights group wanted to delay the season until their legal challenge to it had gone ahead, a move which would have stopped it going ahead at all this year.


The latest episode of NIOA TV takes you behind the scenes of the company’s military and law enforcement division, which has some pretty cool gear that’s actually available to civvies like us. As well as that, they show off Ruger’s budget American Rifle and its 77/44 All Weather, and go into some comical detail about shotgun gauges. Check it out on the NIOA website.

Extra Dimensions

Another shipment of Thompson/Center Dimension switch-barrel rifles has arrived in Australia, so if you missed out first time around, now’s your chance to get your hands on one of the innovative and affordable new rifles. This batch includes models in .22-250, .270, 7mm-08, .308, .30-06, 7mmRM and .300WM. See your local dealer, or find out more at the Frontier Arms website.

Lithgow re-enactments

Lithgow Living History will be doing a series of re-enactments and blank fire demonstrations at the Back to Hartley celebrations on 28 October at Hartley, near Lithgow, NSW. It will showcase more than a century of firearm use in the area, which is famous for the Lithgow Small Arms Factory. The depictions will range through colonial, gold rush and bushranger impressions, with blank-firing of black powder rifles and pistols, as well as military rifles of both World Wars. Details are still being finalised, but mark it in the calendar and watch this space for more info.

Footballer sent off for finger-gun

A football player was sent of the field under a red card in South America for ‘shooting’ his team mate in celebration of a match-winning goal. Fidel Martinez of Tijuana good-naturedly mimed the shooting, and his team mate fell ‘dead’ as part of it as they skylarked after the goal was scored. As the crowded cheered and the rest of the team jumped for joy, the referee ran in and held up the red card, to the astonishment of everyone. The ref was convinced to change his mind. Tijuana beat Toluca 1-0. No one died.

Jackass fans turn nasty after gun prank

After all kinds of nudity, public defecation, vandalism, self-inflicted injuries, planting objects up their rectums and even more outrageous stunts, a toy gun has become the undoing of Jackass. Fans of black-comedy prankster Bam Margera railed against him after he held a fake pistol to the head of his pet pit-bull pup. He posted a pic of it on Twitter, saying, “Penny pooped in my bed. Not too fond of that. If it happens again, Penny goes Bye Byes!” Margera apologised but has not removed the picture, which was posted along with several of him holding the plastic replica to friends’ heads, and his mother holding it to his.

Boar hunting fail

Let’s finish the week with a gratuitous laugh as someone else’s expense. I know, we shouldn’t laugh, but it’s Friday and it looks like it ended well, with more harm to pride than person. If you’re out hunting this weekend, keep it safe and stay a step ahead (or aside) of the big ones…




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