Kevin Rudd meets Queensland Rifle Association PR man Kim O'Loghlen.

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Quotable quotes; Steve Lee meets Jack Marx; Kevin Rudd visits QRA; Suryani gives birth; firearms off school reading list; pretty lights.

Quotable quotes

From gun-control activist John Crook: “Immaturity is one of the major marks of the shooting fraternity. They think that just because they like something it must be good, and they seek to mask their ill intent through such trivial things as songs.” With such outrageous observations as this, it’s no wonder the media loves to quote this fool.

Steve Lee meets Jack Marx

That quote was published in an article in Fairfax’s Good Weekend by Jack Marx, a journo with a keen wit and good eye for detail. Marx went pig hunting way out west with singer-songwriter Steve Lee, the man behind “I Like Guns”. Marx is not a hunter, and his version of the experience has some interesting insights. We suspect Marx may have opted for that Crook quote because of the irony in it.

Kevin visits the QRA

Former PM Kevin Rudd recently visited the Queensland Rifle Association, taking part in the 151st Queens Prize presentation in Brisbane. He’s seen in the picture above with QRA marketing director Kim O’Loghlen, who says Mr Rudd is a great supporter of the QRA and especially the Queensland Taipans , who will be shooting in the Australian Long Range Championships in SA later this month.

Suryani gives birth

Suryani Mohd Taibi, who set an unofficial Olympic record in London this year by being eight months pregnant when she competed in the shooting events, has given birth to a girl, Dayana Widyan. Suryani plans to take three months off before resuming training, and says her daughter is providing inspiration to become a better athlete.

Firearms off school reading list

White Hills Primary School in Victoria has banned a Year 3 student from browsing a catalogue of shooting products. The school has refused Aiden Hutcheson permission to include the NIOA Hot Products catalogue in his free reading time and claims it is living up to its responsibilities to other students and their parents by doing so. According to one report, the main problem may be that Aiden showed the catalogue to another student. Aiden’s father, Ben, has reacted angrily, pointing out that Aiden is a fan of the Olympic shooting sports.

Pretty lights

Here’s one we haven’t heard much of since it first arrived, but it’s always pretty cool to see. Spectra Shot glows under black lights, making skeet shooting at night look amazing. Doing this well, even with the visual clues of the glowing targets, would really test your skills and natural ability.




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