Attacked: the word "hunter" was changed to "coward" on the SSAA billboard

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New gun dealer opening; SPCA pays to damn hunters, not feed animals; “cowards” attack SSAA; Garrett coming after Malabar again; sickly pink poachers.

New gun dealer opening

A new Brisbane firearm dealership is on the way to opening in Gilston St, Keperra. The shop, owned by international clay target competitor Glenn Walker, has reportedly generated six complaints to council by people who don’t want it, but it appears to have overwhelming support, if the comments in an online newspaper article are any indication.

RSPCA pays to damn hunters, not feed animals

The RSPCA has come under attack for spending thousands of dollars on a emotionally charged anti-hunting ad campaign when it apparently can’t afford to feed animals in its care. According to a Bendigo Weekly story, animals had to be put down because of the shortage. The story also reports on the fact the RSPCA put down almost 5000 cats, over 2300 dogs and more than 3600 other creatures.

”Cowards” attack SSAA

The SSAA is up in arms after someone vandalised a Year of the Hunter billboard in Melbourne, changing the words “hunter by choice” to “coward by choice”. The SSAA labelled the anonymous vandals as cowards. SSAA also says complaints about the ad were made tot eh Advertising Standards Bureau for depicting “weapons and violence”. “Our hunters are responsibly managing wildlife populations, sustainably sourcing their own food and enjoying an outdoor recreation no different to fishing,” SSAA’s Rachael Andrews said. “Australia’s non-hunting public has often become disconnected from something that is a legal government-regulated activity, not realising the difference between fictional violence in movies or the criminal element acting illegally with firearms.”

Garrett coming after Malabar again

Labor MP for Kingsford Smith, Peter Garrett, is hosting a meeting on 21 April to discuss the future of Malabar Headland, where the Anzac Range is. The former environment minister drove the controversial changes that almost saw shooters evicted from the historic range so it could be turned into a national park, and indeed some clubs have been permanently removed. However, legal action by the NSW Rifle Association overturned the commonwealth’s plans. Now Garrett appears to be trying to restart the process with the federal election only six months away. “Some along and share your ideas for possible future uses of the public open space on Malabar Headland,” his invitation reads, but he seems to be referring partly to the safety zone around the range. The meeting is being held at the South Maroubra Surf Livesaving Club. RSVPs are essential:

Sickly pink poachers

Anti-poaching efforts against rhino killers are continuing in Africa. One South African game reserve has no introduced a poison into the horns of more than 100 of its animals in an attempt to make them worthless. The poison, which is dyed pink as a marker, doesn’t affect the rhinoceroses, but anyone who ingests it – via the powder of ground-up horn, as the Chinese, Vietnamese and other blackmarket end-users do – will get violently ill. Poaching is still on the rise, though, with around 200 rhinos killed in the first quarter of 2013, a year that may see more than 1000 of them poached.




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