HuntFest will feature a range of hunting and wildlife photos.

Shaping up for HuntFest

Australia’s first hunting photo, video and game-food festival opens on the NSW South Coast on the June long weekend, promising plenty of fun for the family.

As well as a photo exhibition, short film screenings and wine tasting, HuntFest will showcase game meat and include displays of hunting and outdoors equipment when it opens in the seaside town of Narooma.

And fishers can join in a special flathead and bream fishing tournament that has been added to the HuntFest program.

The relaxed event will not have firearms or ammunition on display, and organisers point out that the local state forests do not provide hunting opportunities for visitors, though there are other forests further afield that R-licence holders can book into while they’re down there.

The photo and video competition is split into two categories, open and junior (under 18), each for:

  • best hunting photograph,
  • best wildlife photograph,
  • best game/trail camera photograph,
  • best family hunting scene photograph,
  • best hunting DVD,
  • best wildlife or conservation DVD,
  • best educational DVD, and
  • kids’ colouring competition.

Professionals also have a chance to win in the commercial DVD competition.

Dan Field, of the South Coast Hunters Club, which is organising the event, says a couple of hurdles have cropped up at the last minute, including roadworks outside the venue that will restrict parking, but there is plenty available in nearby streets.

Anti-hunting activists are promising to protest against the event, and have been recruiting protesters from as far away as Canberra, though Mr Field jokingly says that they’re helping HuntFest meet one of its goals by attracting visitors to the local area.

HuntFest also aims to promote the work of the NSW Game Council and approved hunting organisations, show that hunting is a healthy, worthwhile family sport, and educate the public about the benefits of hunting.

The Game Council, Gamecon and other hunting organisations will have displays there, as will the Shooters and Fishers Party.

The specific dates are 8-9 June and you can find out more on the HuntFest website.




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Mick Matheson

Mick grew up with guns and journalism, and has included both in his career. A life-long hunter, he has long-distant military experience and holds licence categories A, B and H. In the glory days of print media, he edited six national magazines in total, and has written about, photographed and filmed firearms and hunting for more than 15 years.


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