Laughing: Martin Bourke from Gun Pro, Dubbo, enjoys too much fun on NIOA's wing shoot in Argentina.

Argentine Dove Hunt 2012

A handful of lucky Australians went to South America on an incredible wing-shooting trip, and the fast-paced video that resulted (see below) is an eye-opener, whether you’re into bird hunting or not.

As their hunting host says, “the birds just keep comin’ at ya!” NIOA’s Argentine Dove Hunt 2012 shows you just how true that is.

The trip was a reward for NIOA’s top dealers after ATK, the parent company of Federal Ammunition, challenged NIOA and its network to boost sales by 20%. NIOA boss Rob Nioa is a veteran of Argentine wing-shooting, so knew how good an incentive this was, and the result was a 27% increase in sales, well above what ATK must have expected.

As serious as they are about business, the NIOA boys don’t take themselves too seriously and there are plenty of laughs in the video. From the misfortune of drinking a $46 beer without realising it to the joy of chilli-fuelled tests of manhood, everyone laughs so much it’s almost halfway into the video before the shooting begins.

And when it does, wow. Huge flocks of doves give the Aussies four days worth of action. “They just keep coming,” says Rob Nioa at one point.

The crew goes through literally thousands of rounds and thousands of birds, using semi-auto shotguns that are all but banned here in Australia. Imagine shooting more than a 1000 doves in a single day! Their shoulders are bruised by the end of it all, but the final result is a feast and a small dent in the vast population of pest creatures.

There’s a lot more to the video than this, too. One of the highlights is seeing the profusion of birds and hearing the noise of such enormous flocks.

The story of the hunt and a gallery of photos are on the NIOA website, and you can watch the full video below.




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Mick Matheson

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