Robert Borsak says the SFP is aiming to increase its representation more widely than NSW and WA.

Borsak: what’s best about national parks

The biggest benefit of introducing hunting to national parks is that city-dwelling hunters will have easier access to land, Shooters & Fishers Party MLC Robert Borsak says.

In an interview with Australian shooting personality Steve Lee, Mr Borsak says increasing access to hunting grounds will help meet a “pent up demand” by people who want legal access to recreational hunting opportunities.

“In the end, it’s a cultural thing,” he says. “They talk about guns as if it’s a law and order issue but it’s not a law and order issue at all. What it’s about is people wanting to continue the pursuit of the things they love to do.

“The days of ‘lock it up and leave it’, all over Australia, whether it be a marine park or a national park, are over.

“We’re always chipping away at trying to slow down or stop or reverse the bad law-making that’s been going on in this state for too many years.”

Talking with Steve, Robert discusses the new strength shooters have in the communications network that now exists, including the email list of 15,000 addresses that the SFP uses, and social media.

In the interview they also discuss the party’s success in WA, and provide details of plans for the federal election.

“We’re pretty keen at working on the overall representation of the party outside of NSW,” Robert says.

The interview reveals ways you can help the shooting cause generally as well as how you can directly boost the SFP’s push for primary votes in upcoming elections.

See the full nine-minute interview below:




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Mick Matheson

Mick grew up with guns and journalism, and has included both in his career. A life-long hunter, he has long-distant military experience and holds licence categories A, B and H. In the glory days of print media, he edited six national magazines in total, and has written about, photographed and filmed firearms and hunting for more than 15 years.