Derya TM22 lever-action .22 rimfire rifle colours

Shooting in colour: new Derya TM22 lever-action .22

The new Derya TM22 lever-action .22 LR rifle has added a splash of colour to the market, coming in a range of colours from traditional black-and-walnut to eye-catchingly bright — all for under $900.

But it’s not just colour that makes Turkish-made 10-shot rimfire unusual compared with other .22 lever-actions.

Derya TM22 lever action rimfire rifle in pink and purple
The Derya TM22 is available in pink and purple as well as the colours shown in the main image above. Current version have a rail on top of the receiver in addition to the barrel-mounted one

It feeds from a detachable box magazine, has adjustable comb height and includes a standard-issue Picatinny rail for scope mounting. 

It also has open sights.

The lever throw is slightly shorter than most other lever-actions, and also very smooth and light, so cycling is easy.

A trigger-block ensures the Derya cannot be fired unless the lever is held securely against the stock.

One version is available with a walnut stock with its metalwork finished in black. 

All others are fitted with black synthetic stocks but have their barrelled actions in a range of colours, including black, grey, burnt bronze, blue, purple and pink.

Future shipments will include the Muddy Girl pink camo pattern and Stihl orange. 

They retail for around $895. If you’re interested but can’t find them in your local dealer, contact Australian distributor Hunt’s Shooting Supplies.

We will have a full review of the new Derya in our April issue.




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