M60 rentals: something to think about as Friday winds down

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PH shot; NZ Olympic spat; Olympic baby; Gabon burns ivory; NIOA TV; new Sydney hunting grounds; machinegun rental.

PH shot

Anthony Howland, a professional hunter working in Zimbabwe, has had his right arm amputated after he was shot in the elbow by with a .500 nitro bullet. Reports say a client dropped a rifle while crossing a creek, and the weapon discharged. Howland, from Gavin Rorke Safaris, is in a stable condition in hospital.

NZ Olympic spat

Lawyers are getting involved in choosing New Zealand’s only shooting athlete for the London Olympic Games. Ryan Taylor has been NZ’s best qualifier in the lead-up to the Games and feels he is capable of a top-16 finish. It’s not entirely clear whether administrative errors are to blame for Taylor’s lack of nomination, or whether it is because the NZ Olympic Commission believes he is not capable of the top-16 placing, a requirement for selection. NZ may select a women’s trap shooter who will face only 19 opponents, increasing her chances of the higher placing.

Olympic baby

Malaysia’s Olympic team is having to make unusual preparations for London. Women’s 10m air rifle competitor Nur Suryani will be eight months pregnant when she lines up for the Games, and the team is putting in place contingencies in case she gives birth in England. Sporting Shooter believes Suryani is the first pregnant competitor ever to participate in a summer Olympics. The 30-year-old will begin shooting in the preliminaries on the first day of the Games, 28 July.

Gabon burns ivory

Gabon has destroyed five tons of ivory, including 1200 elephant tusks, in a symbolic display against the illegal wildlife trade. “Gabon has a policy of zero tolerance for wildlife crime and we are putting in place the institutions and laws to ensure this policy is enforced,” president Ali Bongo said after igniting the fire that engulfed the stockpile of seized ivory. As elephant poaching continues to worsen, many African nations are uniting to fight the criminal syndicates and gangs behind it. Destroying stockpiles will reduce another problem, that of corrupt officials who are selling seized ivory.


The latest edition of NIOA TV is online now. Showcasing a range of the distributor’s products, the boys take you through a rimfire ammo comparison, looking at various velocities, bullet types and so on, and featuring ballistic gel blocks so you can see results. Even old hands may learn something here. There’s a segment on cleaning shotguns and other features, plus the usual self-deprecating laughs. Check it out on the NIOA website.

New Sydney hunting grounds

The NSW Game Council has opened Comleroy State Forest to bow hunting, giving Sydneysiders a great opportunity to hunt close to home. It’s steep, bushy country beside the Putty Road at Colo, and is home to small game, goats and deer. The terrain consists of dissected sandstone plateau with a native forest habitat (mainly eucalypts). The majority of this forest is not easily accessible and you must be prepared to walk in long distances and/or camp. Comleroy is a popular recreational forest and hunters should be mindful of other users and of unmarked boundaries alongside Parr State Conservation Area and surrounding properties. The Game Council reccomends you carry a GPS. For details, see the Game Council website.

Machinegun rental

Seeing as it’s Friday, let’s finish the week with a little frivolous fun. The M60 was a gem of a thing to shoot, even if it was a heavy lump to lug around and the Aussie army’s ones were all worn out and unreliable when I was there. As you can see in this video, the M60 is a pretty easily managed weapon, and it’s amazing how well you can fill a target with holes. If you’re ever in the US you might want to drop by Bear Paw Arms and have a go!




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