Snap Shots – 1 June 2012

Laurie Levy on Hunting Podcast

Jason Selmes of the Australian Hunting Podcast has pulled off a bit of a coup by interviewing Laurie Levy, the infamous anti-duck-hunting campaigner who heads the Coalition Against Ducks Shooting (CADS). It’s a very detailed interview, in which Selmes lets Levy put his points across, giving hunters a good insight into how he and his organisation work. “Rescuers feel sick when they see a bird blown out of the sky,” Levy says. “They feel the pain that those waterbirds suffer.” He reveals he supports shooters who target feral animals. “Foxes and feral cats take a huge number of native wildlife,” he says, adding CADS has no argument with feral control. He says he has nothing against firearms, either. He claims success on a number of front, such as banning lead shot and having 80,000 fewer duck hunters in Victoria, and promises CADS will always be out there protesting, no matter what the laws. Listen to the interview here.

Borsak talks parks and power on ABC

Shooters and Fishers Party MLC Robert Borsak has appeared on a number of radio programs to talk about the NSW government’s decision to open national parks to hunters. The decision was also tied in to the sale of the state’s power generators, and Mr Borsak discussed the issues both issues in this ABC radio interview. ABC’s Lateline did a segment on hunting, too, featuring Mr Borsak and the Greens, and focussing partly on fatalities in other countries despite evidence that hunting is one of the safest outdoor activities.

Officials suspended over poaching

Tanzania has suspended four wildlife officials and 28 rangers as it carries out an investigation into the poaching deaths of two rhinos last month. Five poachers have been arrested over the killings. No reasons were given for the suspensions, which included the acting head of the nation’s national parks as well as the senior warden of the Serengeti, where the rhinos were killed. “Justice will be done for those found to have no involvement in this issue. But for those found to be involved in one way or another, the law will take its course,” said a government minister.

NPA campaigns against hunting

The National Parks Association (NPA) of NSW is calling for members and friends to oppose the NSW government’s commitment to allow hunting in some of the state’s national parks. “If you are as horrified about this as we are, please take a few quick actions,” the NPA urges people, before suggesting they contact media and local MPs to voice their opinions. Among other complaints, the NPA erroneously states hunting in national parks “poses a huge risk to the safety of the public”. Shootingnews.com.au has obtained copies of emails indicating it is being circulated widely by email, including through the CSIRO’s internal networks – which would appear to be in breach of the organisation’s code of ethics. Early reports suggest NPWS rangers are planning industrial action to oppose hunting.




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Mick Matheson

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