Snap Shots – 29 May 2012

Berger’s colours

Berger Bullets has released details of its new packaging, which is all colour-coded. A burnt orange box will contain varmint bullets, blaze orange signifies hunting bullets, target shooters should look for yellow boxes and the tactical crowd gets khaki of course.

Victorian charged

A 49-year-old from Bushfield, Victoria, has been charged and had his shotgun confiscated after allegedly shooting a duck from the side of the road. Police say he fired onto a dam on private property and was confronted by the landowner, who was nearby. The farmer reported that one of his cattle, which was at the dam at the time, fled with a pronounced limp, but it has not yet been confirmed whether the animal was hit by the shooter. The man faces a number of charges.

Stolen guns

NSW police are appealing for information about the theft of five longarms from a house in Kempsey on Tuesday last week. A Carl Gustoff in 6.5×55 was stolen along with a Lithgow .22, Taiya Juki .22, a Stirling .22 magnum and a single-barrel Harrington & Richardson 12-gauge shotgun. Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1300 000 333.

Greens failing Tasmania

A document on the Shooters and Fishers Party website highlights how much Tasmania has been failed by Greens policy. The state has thousands fewer jobs, unemployment is rising and a massive amount of land – not much less than half the entire land mass – has been locked up in reserves. The document shows how forestry is and has been sustainable over generations, despite what the Greens claim. The SFP is urging people to share the information, especially in light of the increasing influence of the Greens in other states and the parallels between the Greens’ war against the forestry industry and their threat to other sectors.

Ammo bill’s no-show

The NSW ammunition control bill is not going to be debated in parliament today, according to the list issued this morning. It is due for its second reading in the lower house, after passing through the upper house despite all sides of politics agreeing it is little more than an exercise in politicians appeasing a supposedly concerned public. There is no word on why it is being delayed again, although ructions within the Coalition are the likely cause. Shooters have been pressuring politicians about the bill, which penalises law-abiding shooters yet will do virtually nothing to prevent criminal activity.

Police raid Horsley Park

Police last week seized 35 handguns from Sydney’s Horsley Park Gun Shop. Little information is available, but police say a revocation order was issued to the licensee, and they subsequently attended a house in nearby St Marys were they allegedly found three rifles unsecured. They also found two pistols and ammunition. A 41-year-old man was charged with a number of storage offences and two counts of having a prohibited weapon without a permit. has not been able to confirm that the initial police investigation was based on licensing issues. The police action has not directly affected business at the well-known dealership, which is running as per usual.




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Mick Matheson

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