Beretta has launched a new and improved Australian website.

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Bowhunter convicted; controversy dogs Marksman range; dog and cat bounties; Beretta’s new Aussie website; Tassie deer poaching problem; volunteers called for Oceania shoot.

Bowhunter convicted

Queensland police have had success in tackling illegal hunting using cameras. Michael Mighell, 50, was fined $750 last week after being convicted of charges relating to hunting deer in Wongi state Forest in March. The land he was on was leased, and Mighell had not got permission from the leaseholder to be on the land. The bowhunter said he had not shot a deer at the time. While he was fined, no conviction was recorded.

Controversy dogs Marksman range

Adelaide’s Marksman Range will continue operating at least until the outcome of its appeal against the cancellation of its licence. The range last week handed over firearms to police in what the media reported as a raid, and police have said 10 firearms are missing from the range, nine of them handguns. Police also say one of those firearms has been recovered, linking it with the Finks outlaw motorcycle gang. Marksman Range was also the venue where two suicides occurred, prompting the coroner to make various recommendations, but none of those recommendations are binding. It’s not clear if Marksman’s decision not adopt any of the recommendations to date is part of the reason police cancelled the licence, but the missing firearms have been cited as a significant issue.

Dog and cat bounties?

Western Australia may put a bounty on wild dogs as the problem increases. The option is one not ruled out by the state’s agriculture minister as a number of solutions are investigated. Meanwhile, some are now calling on the Victorian government to introduce a bounty on cats, alongside the existing ones on wild dogs and foxes. “But I don’t think it’s likely because cats don’t affect a commercial industry in the way that foxes do,” one landowner told The Standard.

Beretta’s new Aussie website

Beretta Australia has launched a new website with more features. As well as its range of brands, you’ll find catalogues, galleries, an events listing and much more. Check it out at

Tassie deer poaching problem

Tasmania appears to be facing growing poaching problems as its carefully managed deer herd gets more attractive. Police recently arrested two men operating an unlicensed taxidermy business, where they not only seized 50 heads but 25 firearms as well as silencers. Earlier this year, Tasmanian Deerstalkers president Terry Hill told The Mercury that hundreds of deer were being shot by poachers each year. “It’s absolutely criminal,” he said.

Volunteers called for Oceania shoot

Want to watch some of the world’s best shooters in action? Australian International Shooting Ltd is calling for volunteers to help it host the 2013 Oceania Championship at Sydney International Shooting Centre from 29 November till 5 December. People are required for a variety of positions for USSF rifle, pistol and shotgun, and IPC rifle and pistol events. If you can help out during this period please fill out a Volunteer EOI Form. Enquiries and applications to Belinda or PO Box 1108, Pasadena, SA 5042. You must act by 31 July.




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