Marlin 1895 Guide Gun

Marlin launches new 1895 Guide Gun as first SBL .45-70s head for Australia

Marlin has launched a new .45-70 Guide Gun, its third Model 1895 lever-action rifle the since the brand was taken on by Ruger and all-new factory was set up.

The Guide Gun lines up beside the stainless-steel SBL and Trapper models, all of which feature a big-loop lever.

The Guide Gun is blued and has a laminated wood stock, with traditional open sights with  a buckhorn rear leaf. 

The new model is not expected to arrive in Australia for some time but dealers are taking orders, according to distributor NIOA.

Meanwhile, the first 1895 SBL rifles are due to arrive in Australia within days, the full batch of 100 already allocated to dealers who placed early orders. More will roll in with future shipments.

The Trapper and Guide Gun will not be here until next year. 

We had a brief chance to handle and shoot an SBL this week.

The Ruger-made rifle was noticeably smoother and better finished than previous Marlins, largely as a result of being made on brand-new machinery as well as featuring subtle design changes. 

Fit and finish of the stock was also better. Full specs and other details are on the NIOA website.

The Marlin brand is being slowly re-established under Ruger ownership, with the 1895 variants being rolled out first.

The Model 336 in .30-30 and Model 1894 in pistol calibres will follow in time but don’t hold your breath.

Insiders predict the 1894 will be the next model to appear, with the .30-30 last.




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