Light up your next party with these LED shotshell lights.

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Shotshell party lights; .22WMR vs .17HMR; gun prices to rise; missing hunter returns safe and well; US joins anti-poaching battle.

Shot out the lights?

Here’s a cool product being made by an enterprising Aussie: party lights made from shotgun shells. Available in any colour that shotshells are made from, they’re lit up by LEDs and come in 3 metre lengths ready to plug in and light up your barbecue, party, Christmas tree or anything else you might want to decorate. One will cost you $35, or two for $60, posted anywhere in Australia. Click the thumbnail below for a larger image, and see their Facebook page for details and to order.

.22WMR vs .17HMR: accuracy and impact

The latest episode of NIOA TV is now online on the company’s website. With typical laughs and gags, the guys make an informative comparison between .22 magnum and .17HMR ammo, looking at both accuracy and impact. We learned something about the versatility of .22WMR in this one, and different .17HMR rounds make it pretty attractive too. There’s an update (of sorts…) on the building of NIOA’s new facility. There’s a bit for pig hunters, too. And if you want to see what a “hollow-point .70-cal” can do to a gel block, check it out.

Gun prices to rise?

The sharp and sudden drop in the Aussie dollar may soon lead to rising prices for firearms. The warning was sounded by Frontier Arms, importer of Colt, Thompson/Center and other brands. Gun prices in recent years have remained relatively low or even dropped, and Australia has seen the rise of ultra-budget entry-level rifles down around the $600 mark while the dollar was high. If it stays low, future imports will cost more. “As a result we anticipate that a price rise will have to be implemented as we replace current inventory,” a Frontier spokesman said, voicing what other importers may be reluctant to admit. “In the meantime, buy now to beat the price rise,” he advised.

Missing hunter returns safe and well

Dylan Zrim, 20, spent an uncomfortable night in the bush near Harrietville, SA, after apparently becoming lost while on a hunting trip last Sunday. A large search and rescue operation was launched when his companion reported him missing, and police said they were concerned for Zrim’s welfare as overnight temperatures dropped. Zrim had nothing but a waterbottle and compass on him. However, just after 1pm on the Monday Zrim walked back into camp after homing in on the sounds of rescue vehicles, none the worse for the experience. A police spokesman described him “a very lucky boy”.

US joins anti-poaching battle

President Obama has signed up America to help more in the fight against the poaching of rhinoceroses, elephants and other African animals. The ever-escalating problem, driven by international criminal syndicates as well as African rebels, is drawing greater international efforts to tackle it, and the US will now commit “additional millions of dollars to help countries across the region build their capacity to meet this challenge”. It was revealed that the US is the second biggest market for trafficked ivory and rhino horn, with demand not much less than it is in China. Obama has pledged $10m to set up a Presidential Task Force on Wildlife Trafficking to try to shut down the illegal trade.




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