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Obama’s gun laws defeated; Borsak condemns the Greens; petition targets Borsak; bow hunting on ABC-TV; police target Victorian gun thieves.

Obama’s gun laws defeated

The US Senate has blocked another of President Barack Obama’s gun control laws, this time failing to pass legislation that would have expanded compulsory background checks on people purchasing firearms. The vote fell six short of the 60 required to pass the house, when Democrats joined the Republican Party in voting against it. Obama reacted angrily, blaming what he called the “lies” of the gun lobby, and he has made it clear he will continue to push for tougher gun laws in the US.

Borsak condemns the Greens

Shooters & Fishers MLC Robert Borsak has condemned the Australian Greens in his latest interview with Steve Lee. In the Youtube video, Mr Borsak makes distinctions between US and Australian “gun cultures”. “We have what I call an Anzac tradition and a sporting shooter culture,” he says. He also points out that Greens parties in Europe cannot understand the desire of Australian Greens to ban firearms. Borsak goes on to discuss the National Firearms Agreement and other topics. See the full interview below.

Petition targets Borsak

A petition has been started that demands Robert Borsak, the NSW Shooters & Fishers MLC, be removed from parliament, and it has set itself a modest target of 250 signatures. How the petitioners expect to be taken seriously is not clear, because 250 of them are not exactly the equivalent of a state election. They do not appear to have any more understanding of hunters than they do of democracy, because the crux of the demand is that Mr Borsak “has no respect or regard for animals”, a comment that reveals anti-hunting campaigners have no concept of the drives behind hunting.

Bow hunting on ABC-TV

ABC rural television has aired a short, positive story on bow hunting. “A bow hunter says the sport is ethical and a great way for families to enjoy the outdoors and each other,” the story begins, before hunter Ron Green goes on to explain his sport. Ron answers criticisms of bow hunting, and gets across the message that hunting is a great pastime. You can see the three-minute story here.

Police target Victorian gun thieves

Victorian police have confirmed they’re investigating thefts targeting firearms in the Geelong area, where 124 firearms have been taken in 41 robberies. Most thefts have been from rural properties, but one from a dealer netted 22 handguns for the thieves. At least one person has been arrested after allegedly attempting to sell stolen firearms to undercover police.




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