That's not a flat-screen telly! How Amazon mixed up a TV order and delivered this is a mystery.

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Abela’s; social CCI; US gun boom; junior shooters; deer hunters wanted; poachers caught; new reviews; assault TV.

Abela’s making progress

David Abela report his new Sydney superstore is coming together rapidly. Workers are hard at it in the Campbelltown premises as it nears completion, and opening is on track for later this month. Delays with his dealers licence mean firearms and ammunition are likely to be available in September.

CCI gets social

Ammunition maker CCI International has launched its Facebook page as well as setting up a YouTube channel. The specialist rimfire brand is encouraging people to ask questions, post tips and generally get involved. You can have some fun with their varmint shooting game, and watch some alternative Olympics as the boys from Swamp People get stuck into a slightly different series of events.

US gun boom keeps going

Criminal background checks – widely regarded as the best guide the US has to gauge firearms sales – have increased dramatically in the past 12 months. The US FBI carried out 25% more checks in July 2012 than it did in July 2011, implying a massive increase in firearm sales. Adjusted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation to give a rough idea of firearm sales (though it is not an accurate correlation), the July 2012 figure was over 850,000, not just a record number but the 26th straight month when it has gone up.

Junior development program

There are a few vacancies in the junior development program at the SSAA indoor range at St Marys, in western Sydney. The program is for kids aged 12 to 17 and provides not only an opportunity to try different shooting disciplines but to learn the intricacies of safe handling, accurate shooting and everything else a budding shooter needs to know. For details, contact St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre on (02) 8889 0406 or email

Illawarra hunters wanted

A Wollongong, NSW mine needs hunters to help it deal with pests on its site, including deer. The Game Council is forming a new conservation hunting group to carry out the task, and is inviting expressions of interest from shooters who hold an R-licence. Applicants will have to meet various criteria, including demonstrated ability to shoot accurately, and must be available to attend specified familiarisation and training days as well as a minimum number of days hunting on the site. Fees are payable, too. Applications must be submitted by 7 September and all the details are available on the Game Council website.

Poachers caught

Five men allegedly poaching have been charged by NSW police. Police in the Oxley area have been targeting illegal hunters, and say the men were reported by the owner of a property near Gunnedah. The men were allegedly trespassing and became bogged. Charged related to illegal hunting, trespassing and unregistered dogs.

New gear reviews

If you haven’t seen them yet, we’ve got some new features up on this website. On Shooter TV, we’ve reviewed a wardrobe full of Ridgeline hunting gear. We went out in the rain and in -4deg of frost for you to get this review! We’ve also put some edgeware through its paces – a skinning knife and a hatchet from Timberline, both designed by an Alaskan big game hunter and knife maker. Have a look and find out if it’s the kind of gear you need when you’re out in the field.

Assault telly?

Something went wrong with the order after American Seth Horovitz bought a new television through online seller Amazon. When a long, thin box arrived instead of a larger, square one, he thought it was odd. When he opened one end and saw black metal parts, he wondered if it was the TV’s stand. When a Sig Sauer 716 carbine came out, he felt “pure shock and disbelief”. The SS 716 is an AR-15 based semi-auto rifle in 7.62x51mm (.308) and has no facility to show Desperate Housewives. Horovitz, a resident of the US capital, called police, who told him the firearm was illegal there and promptly confiscated it. There’s no word on whether Horovitz eventually got his telly. Hmm, imagine trying to explain that one to Aussie customs!




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