Do you think I'm sexy? We don't think this deer fashion is going to take off, not if the female react to the perfume as we expect they might!

Snap Shots

Deer fashion mistakes; Queensland police conduct random inspections; WA gun amnesty proposed; hunting continues on Australian TV; tell the Game Council what you think; hunters accused of releasing pigs in Victoria; Snake Island poachers fined; US gun makers moving interstate.

Goth deer?

No, it’s not news, but we couldn’t resist! The pic at right is floating around the internet and raises all sorts of questions. Does it pull the girls? Did he become top buck in the forest? Has he started a new fashion? Feel free to post captions in the comments box below…

Queensland police conduct random inspections

Queensland police have been carrying at random safe-storage inspections without notice this past week, and say more are going to happen in coming weeks. They say a number of compliance issues have been identified during the dozens of inspections. At this stage they have not announced whether gun owners have been charged, but they hadn’t ruled it out. Police said Operation Safe South-West, in Corangamite Shire, was a reaction to a number of gun thefts there in recent years.

WA gun amnesty proposed

Western Australia may conduct a firearm amnesty in the wake of the highly critical report by the state’s auditor general into police handling of firearms licensing. AG Colin Murphy identified almost 1000 firearms from deceased estates that had disappeared and flagged an “unknown” number of unregistered guns. While not yet confirmed, the amnesty is expected to begin in August and run for three months.

Hunting continues on Australian TV

Don’t forget to tune in to Beyond the Divide, Australia’s home-grown hunting TV show. Season one is still airing in major cities and streaming on the internet. Go to the show’s website to find out when and where to see it.

Tell the Game Council what you think

The NSW Game Council is looking for feedback about its advertising, and for your participation you’ll be given a cap. “Your thoughts and reactions to our previous advertising campaigns can help inform us as we develop our new campaign,” the council says. “Do you think we should be going in a particular direction? What would you like to see more of?” To get involved, go to the Game Council Facebook page and inbox them your name, email, contact number and best time for them to call you.

Hunters accused of releasing pigs in Victoria

Hunters are being accused of introducing feral pigs to north-western Victoria, with claims that pigs have made a recent re-appearance in the region, some with their ears cut off. However, Field & Game Australia has told TheWeekly Times there’s no evidence to confirm the allegations. A report of a 120kg boar suggests the pigs have been there for at least a few years. Officials are now monitoring the spread of pigs.

Snake Island poachers fined

Two NSW men were fined $5000 after being found guilty of poaching four hog deer on Victoria’s Snake Island, a reserve where hunting is prohibited. One of the men did not have a firearm licence. They had camped on the island for four days and were caught by police and Game Victoria officers when they tried to return to the mainland with their trophies.

US gun makers moving interstate

The legislative divide between US states over gun laws is having a direct effect on the gun industry and where it pays its taxes. Officials from Texas are actively courting firearm makers in other states, tempting them to shift their operations to the gun-friendly state. However, South Carolina may be more successful. the latest move is by PTR Industries, a Connecticut-based maker of the kind of semi-automatic rifles that have been banned in that state after being branded “military-style assault weapons”. “One hundred percent of our product line is illegal in Connecticut,” a company spokesman said. “They just want to collect our tax dollars on a product that they don’t think is safe to own.” South Carolina’s pre-gun incentives have lured PTR there instead. Others are likely to follow.




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