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Bowhunters to join Shooters and Fishers

The Shooters and Fishers Party continues its rise as hunting comes under greater attack, and is now preparing to set up a division for archers.

The Field Archers and Bowhunters (FAB) division of the party will be launched at a meeting of the party and supporters in Sydney on Wednesday, 21 August, where office bearers will be elected and goals set.

“Field archers and bowhunters are at a crossroads,” facilitator Garry Mallard said.

“We have lost hard-won ground recently, and archery is too often the focus of the anti-hunting/gun lobby’s aggressive media campaigns.

“Bowhunting in particular is portrayed as an excessively cruel form of hunting, yet given these facts, stakeholders have been disappointed by the silence and apparent inertia of the relevant peak bodies.”

He described the S&F as a “loud and effective voice” and said forming a division of the party would enable archers to provide advice and guidance to the party in support of the their interests.

“For some time now, bowhunters across Australia have been concerned about what they perceive to be a distinct lack of visible and strategic representation of our culture and practices in the political debate about hunters’ rights and access to public lands.

“This issue has come to a head with the recent abolition of Game Council NSW, the cessation of hunting rights in all State Forests and on Crown lands, and the exclusion of bowhunting from the proposed trial of hunting in 12 NSW National Parks to commence in October 2013.”

The S&F supports the idea of the new division, and NSW MLCs Robert Brown and Robert Borsak will both attend the meeting.

To register your interest or get further information, contact Mr Mallard by email:




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Mick Matheson

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