Winchester SXR2 Pump

Winchester launches new SXR2 pump-action centrefire rifle

Winchester has announced a brand-new pump-action centrefire rifle, the SXR2 Pump, in .308, .30-06 and .300 Win Mag with magazine capacities of up to 10 rounds.

“This is something that pig and deer hunters have been asking for — a high-quality, smooth, large calibre, pump-action rifle, and Winchester has delivered,” Jim Harding, Winchester Australia’s marketing manager, said.

Winchester SXR2 Pump
From top: Winchester’s SXR2 Pump will be available as the Composite, Strata and Field models

The rifle’s design is based on the semi-automatic SXR2 available overseas, but modified for markets in Europe and Australia where semi-autos are not allowed. 

For the SXR2 Pump, Winchester ditched the gas-operated self-loading system and replaced it with a manual slide worked by the shooter’s forward arm. 

The forend of the stock is fixed to the rifle’s receiver, with the slide handle mounted separately — a design that promises smoother, quieter operation than on rifles such as the Remington 7600 in which the entire forend is moved. 

Lock-up is achieved by a rotating bolt head with seven locking lugs. 

Three models are being offered: the walnut-stocked Field, the black synthetic Composite, and the camouflaged Strata.

Winchester SXR2 Pump
The SXR2 Pump is built as a quick-handling hunting rifle

The SXR2 in .300 Win Mag has a flush three-round drop-box magazine, while .308 holds nine shots and the .30-06 10 shots.  

Regardless of calibre, the barrels are 53cm (21 inches), the hallmark of a handy, quick-pointing hunting rifle. 

All barrels are threaded to accept a muzzle brake or suppressor. 

The Strata is supplied with a bare barrel but the other models have open fibre-optic sights with an optional battue rib designed for fast target acquisition at closer ranges. 

All are drilled and tapped to accept a Picatinny rail for scope mounting. 

The SXR2 Pump comes with shims that allow adjustment of the stock’s drop and cast, to better suit shooters are various builds as well as both left- and right-handers.

Length of pull can be altered using 7mm spacers and either a 25mm or 32mm recoil pad.  

The new Winchesters, which are made in Europe, will be available in shops in November at recommended retail prices of $2595 for the Composite, $2695 for the Strata and $2795 for the Field. 

Dealers are taking orders now.




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