SCSA Taipan X pump-action and straight-pull rifle

New Australian-made Taipan X straight-pull and pump-action rifle released

Australian firearms manufacturer Southern Cross Small Arms (SCSA) has released its latest firearm, the Taipan X rifle, featuring a spring-assisted combination of pump-action and straight-pull reloading.

The design, chambered for .223 Remington but also capable of firing 5.56x45mm ammo, is an evolution of SCSA’s original pump-action Taipan Light, and it remains Category B compliant.

SCSA Taipan X pump-action and straight-pull rifle
The addition of a straight-pull charging handle makes the Taipan more practical in the prone position

The innovative new design allows the rifle to be used as a pump-action when shooting off hand, such as in the field while hunting, or a straight-pull when being fired on a rest or bipod, such as at a shooting range or in a static hunting setup.

A number of other design improvements have been made, including upgrades to the hammer, trigger and bolt carrier, as well as a redesigned bolt-cam slot and a replaceable case deflector.

The spring-assist element in particular is likely to be a big appeal to many shooters, greatly reducing fatigue in the field – especially if there’s plenty of game or pests for them to be shooting.

The Taipan X retains its predecessor’s 42cm (16.5”), 1:8 twist, stainless-steel barrel with threaded muzzle, along with the skeleton buttstock, and it feeds from the same detachable 10-round magazines.

Distributor OSA produced this promotional video explaining the details of the new Taipan X

Sporting Shooter’s editor Mick Matheson put the Taipan Light through its paces earlier this year and was impressed with its accuracy, handling and performance, describing it as an “exceptional pest-control weapon”.

Distributor OSA is pitching the Taipan X as “the ultimate hunting and extended range rifle” – a claim we look forward to putting to the test when we review the rifle soon.

The SCSA Taipan X rifle is is available for order now through most gunshops, at a recommended retail of $1899.

SCSA Taipan X pump-action and straight-pull rifle
The charging handle (top) can be added or removed. Note the return spring in the fore-end (bottom)




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