Verney Carron Veloce Tactical

Verney Carron’s Veloce Tactical lever-release 10-round shotgun

French manufacturer Verney Carron has launched its 10-round lever-release shotgun, the Veloce Tactical, in the Australia, billing it as an ideal IPSC three-gun competition weapon as well as the perfect choice for pig hunting.

The all-new gun was built at the request of importer Australia Sporting Agencies and has unique features that differ from similar shotguns in the Verney Carron range.

Most notably, the Veloce Tactical features a full-length tubular magazine below its 28″ (71cm) barrel and a release lever on the left side of the receiver for quick operation using your thumb.

All other Verney Carron lever-release firearms, including other Veloce models, feature a right-side lever for what the company calls its Stop&Go manual repeating system.

Stop&Go offers a quicker rate of fire than other manual operating mechanisms and the same or similar systems have recently been adopted by Turkish gun makers and also used on rifles such as the CZ 515 and Savage A22R.

On firing, the bolt is blown back by a gas-driven piston and held locked open, ejecting the spent case in the process, and when the thumb lever is pressed the action is closed by spring pressure, ready to fire again.

The gun has a hi-vis front bead sight at the front of its ventilated 8mm rib, while the receiver is also dovetailed to accept a sight such as a red dot.

The clamp supporting the front of the magazine under the barrel has a short Picatinny rail on either side, permitting the attachment of accessories such as lights and laser pointers.

The gun’s receiver is made from Ergal, a forged aluminium alloy, and the chrome-moly steel barrel is proofed for steel shot.

Its stock and pistol grip are a soft-touch polymer with chequering for good grip.

The first batch from the French factory has landed in Australia, even before Verney Carron has announced the launch of the new gun on its own website.

The Veloce Tactical has a retail price of $3700 and is a Cat A shotgun in most states.

For more details visit distributor Australia Sporting Agencies‘ website.




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