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Death Raye and the fight for injustice

“I will speak out for injustice, that’s what I do,” Sylvia Raye told the The Leader. She told her Facebook friends it would be “a good idea” to shoot Robert Borsak in the spine and leave him to suffer.

Hunters like blogger Garry Mallard reacted to Raye’s vilification of Mr Borsak – and, by default, every hunter – and consequently she claimed she was being unfairly targeted. Like most sweet defenders of the innocent, Raye is the victim here, or at least that’s the way she sees it.

She reckons it’s “ridiculous” that she’s being picked on. Her reasoning: she’s not the big bad hunter, Borsak is. But she is “courageous” and will “continue fighting”, to use her own words. They’re certainly not mine.

Raye also seems to think that because she has been to a war zone (she went as an entertainer), she is right to say hunting must be banned.

The sheer lack of any kind of logic is stunning. The absolute disconnect between Raye’s perceptions and the realities of hunting and firearms is astonishing. Her open condoning of shooting someone in the spine is frightening.

Now, being frightened of Raye feels a bit like being scared of Bambi. But we’ve all seen how easily an irrational or naïve person can be stirred into hatred and convert that into action; terrorism thrives on people like that.

The Animal Liberation Front is classified as a terrorist organisation in the US after violent attacks. A young woman was arrested over there last year after trying hire a hitman to randomly select someone wearing fox fur and murder them.

Doe-eyed Raye would obviously distance herself from any potential outcomes of her hateful posts and statements.

Raye gets away with it. I get a bit uptight about the fact that if I were to say she should be lined up and shot for expressing such cruel views toward Borsak’s wellbeing, I’d possibly be judged as a person not fit and proper to hold a firearm licence and lose it for 10 years. However, that’s by the by, and the fact is I don’t think she should be shot, just censured for her appalling sanctimony.

The irony of the whole situation is that she has hatred and violence in her heart, whereas I – and presumably hunters like Robert Borsak and you – do not. I would feel not a hint of doubt if Borsak approached me with a firearm in his hands, but whether she’s armed with a gun or pen, I don’t trust Raye.

She is right about one thing, though: She does “speak out for injustice”. I’ll continue to speak out against it.

See Garry Mallard’s full response to The Leader here.




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Mick Matheson

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