The Back o' Bourke Boar Busters hunting competition is on this weekend - removing ferals from the Aussie bush and raising money for charity.

Back O’ Bourke Boar Buster pig hunting comp on this weekend!

This is the time of year when hunters from all over Australia do the kilometres and travel to a pig hunting competition at their chosen destination. With a handful of comps still running each year, some small towns double in population as pig hunters roll in for a good time in the name of eradicating feral hogs. They are in line to WIN great prizes, catch up with mates for a drink, check out some new country and give their dogs a run.
The Back of Bourke Boar Buster is on this weekend, August 28-30, so there will be an influx of hunters from all over Australia travelling to the NW NSW town of Bourke. Known as one Australia’s best pig hunting grounds amongst the lignum swamps, flat saltbush and Mulga country, this country produces excellent trophy boars. A few hunting teams always seem to snag some beasty boars over the magic 100kg mark as well as some top trophy tusks, so you have got to be in it to win it! There’ll also be some prizes for small game (fox, hare and rabbit) and heaps of activities throughout the weekend. You can find a full information pack for the competition HERE, including an entry form.
Best of all though, as well as removing feral pigs from the Aussie bush, one of the main aims of the Back O’ Bourke competition is to raise money for charity. This year money will be raised for both a local organisation and one which is nationwide. These are:

1. The “Blue Robinson Foundation”, which was created as a local fund to assist local cancer sufferers and their families with some of the obvious associated costs involved with their illness, such as travel and accommodation while receiving treatment. As you are aware Bourke is a fair hike from places like Dubbo and Sydney and attending potentially lifesaving treatment can be quite costly to local families through these times. 

2. The second of the two, “Aussie Helpers”, has been around for many years and provides support to farming and rural families that may be going through tough times due to the ongoing drought or that may just need somebody to speak to. Aussie Helpers”are willing to help anyone nationwide where and whenever they may need it. We feel as though Aussie Helpers is a worthy organization and that we need to support our fellow rural families and farmers as we know they are just as important as anybody in the City.

Hunters helping the environment and rainsing money for charity.  What’s not to like about that? Good luck to all the competitors and have a safe hunting time!
Celebrating catching the biggest boar at a previous Back O’ Bourke Boar Buster comp.




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