A Victorian MP has called for a season on kangaroos, during which recreational hunters would be able to harvest 'roos for their personal use (image: Alex Juris).

Snap Shots: MP calls for ‘roo season

Vic MP calls for ‘roo season

Victorian Shooters and Fishers MP Daniel Young has called for an open season on kangaroos so they could be hunted by recreational hunters, just like other game.  According to this report from the Weekly Times, an open season would allow recreational hunters to help control kangaroo numbers while at the same time using the meat for their personal use.  Sounds like a sensible idea to me.

Invasive Species Council says farmers should pay for wild dogs

The Invasive Species Council (ISC) says that wild dog control is not the public’s problem and that the cost should be met entirely by farmers.  In this report from the ABC, the ISC’s Andrew Cox says that, in relation to wild dog control, “the agricultural sector needs to draw on its own funds” and intimates that the money used on wild dog control would be better off spent attempting to control crazy yellow ant infestations. Go figure.

Science needed to control cats…like “high powered air riifles”

In this article in The Age, written by an “ecological designer and consultant” the author says we need scientific solutions to control feral cats before it’s too late. He goes on to suggest that one such solution might be to shoot them with “a high-powered air rifle with laser sights” firing self-injecting darts to sedate cats, which could then be humanely killed in situ. Honestly, is it any wonder we’re losing the war against feral cats?

Photographic guide killed by Hwange lion

From Zimbabwe comes this report from The Guardian that a guide has been killed by a lion while leading a photographic tour through Hwange National Park, near where American dentist Walter Palmer shot a lion earlier in the year. According to the report, 40-year old Quinn Swales was taking guests on a photographic walking safari at dawn on Monday when he was charged by the male lion.

Shotgun ammo for shooting drones

Finally, from the ‘only in America’ files, comes this report from the Boing Boing website that an ammunition company is selling shotgun shells especially designed to shoot down drones. Even though it’s a federal offence to shoot a drone out of the sky, Snake River sell shotgun ammo marketed for that purpose – but they admit it’s really just a high end goose or turkey load, which doesn’t sound as “bad ass”.





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