NSW DPI Hunting survey

DPI opens survey into benefits of hunting in NSW

To estimate the economic value of recreational hunting in NSW, The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is doing its first survey since 2017. Everyone who hunts in NSW — even if they live interstate — is encouraged to participate.

Hunting makes a substantial contribution to the NSW economy — and a lot of that proof comes from the 2017 survey commissioned by the DPI’s hunting section.

That survey’s report showed hunting accounted for between $565m and $1.4bn of Gross State Product and between 4792 and 12,432 jobs in the state’s economy.

The 2022 NSW Recreational Hunting Economic Impact Survey will run until Monday, 17 October, and is open to anyone who hunts in NSW with a firearm, bow or dogs.

The survey is being conducted by RMCG, econsearch, and Action Market Research. It takes about 15 minutes to complete.

There is a variety of questions in the survey, ranging from general demographic information to the reasons why people hunt, to the towns in which they purchase items such as fuel, ammunition and food while hunting. 

The survey is anonymous and while respondents do need to provide their name, phone number, email and post code, these details are not tied to the survey, according to the DPI.

No other personally identifiable information is requested.

NSW DPI assures respondents that their responses will remain confidential as Action Market Research will collate, analyse, interpret and report on the data. DPI Hunting will only see the aggregated responses and not individual responses. 

NSW hunting licence holders should have received an email from Action Market Research with their unique code and link to complete the survey, while NSW hunters who do not have a DPI-issued hunting licence can register to complete the survey via this link: https://actionsurveys.com.au/index.php/527996 

At the conclusion of the survey, Action Market Research will analyse all responses and provide a final report to DPI Hunting, which will be made publicly available on the DPI Hunting website. 




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