Gun Owners Will Suffer After Firearm Registry Failures – Report Leaked

A preliminary consultation paper was leaked to the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party regarding the Edwards Inquests Findings and Other Legislative Proposals.

It is well known that the Edwards tragedy highlighted many holes and inefficiencies within the NSW Firearms Registry; however, with these tragedies, we as LAFO’s receive further extreme regulation even when it’s a registry or Government miss management.

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party were leaked the report even though there was meant to be consultation to produce the preliminary paper. They released the following.

Shooters, farmers and hunters!

Based on the gross failures of management, governance, and service at the Firearms Registry, here is what the NSW Police are lining LAFO’s up for.
A confidential report was leaked to the SFF by a concerned club official, who was told not to share it with members.
The SFF was not allowed to see this or get a copy.
So much for “Consultation”!
This latest attack by Government and the NSW Police intends to hold LAFO’s responsible for the failings and poor management of the FAR under former Commissioner Fuller.
No one has been punished for the failures of the FAR, its delays, unprofessionalism and breach of our trust.
The FAR needs new management and a staff cleanout.
As they say, never let a tragedy go by without blaming the victims of Regulation.
Let’s be clear we are overregulated already.
This report outlines, amongst other punitive measures which the Government supports;
  • Revoke the use of P650s for testing and unlicensed range use,
  • Require all Firearms Clubs to inform the FAR if they have refused a person membership and reasons,
  • Introduce a statutory limit on what kind and numbers of firearms can be owned,
  • Police to have powers to seize firearms registered to the licence holder following the licence holders death,
  • Require a person to provide fingerprints to NSWPF,
  • Grant the Commissioner authority to limit licences based on a shooters age,
  • Create criteria to limit, control and eliminate Peak Firearms Associations,
  • Require the use of online and only online interaction with the FAR; this is designed to strangle shooter and club interaction,
  • Criminalise the possession of firearm parts, not actual firearms or parts already defined under the law as “firearms”,
  • Require a person to pass a probity check before becoming a firearms club executive and refuse approval of a firearms club or to revoke the status of a club, where a club executive fails the probity requirements,
  • Create Regulation making power to prescribe eligibility criteria for firearms dealers,
  • Create a Regulation-making power to prescribe safe storage requirements for firearms during transit for manufacture or competitions.
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