The Animal Justice Party Campaigns to End Fox and Wild Dog Bounty

It would seemthat theAnimal Justice Party are so far detached from the damage that feral animals are causing in Australia that they would prefer to see them eating Australian natives and livestock alive over controlling these predators.

Animal Justice Party MP Andy Meddick has launched his latest campaign and petition demanding the Victorian Government terminate the $10 bounty on the introduced pest and ban fox hunting. They also want to cancel the $120 wild dog bounty with this madness.

Mr Meddick’s campaign site states, “foxes and wild dogs are intelligent, playful animals with amazing similarities to our companion dogs and cats.

“Yet, the Victorian Government awards prize money to hobby shooters for every fox and dog killed across the state.”

“This incentive has encouraged a mass cruelty event that has impacted both target and non-target species. Since dingoes are extremely difficult to differentiate from wild dogs, this threatened species is often caught in the crossfire.”

David Wyatt - fox fence

The Weekly Times Reported, as it stands the government is once again preparing to accept applications for the bounty in March, under which more than 874,000 fox scalps and 3900 wild dog body parts have been collected in Victoria since the scheme was introduced in 2011.

Victorian Farmers Federation livestock president Steve Harrison said Mr Meddick was trying to “pull at the heart strings of urban voters who knew little of the reality of working out in the country.

“There’s nothing worse that seeing a lamb with bite marks all ‘round its neck.

“We have to deal with life and death every day, whereas they (urban Victorians) can choose to deal with it when they want.”

However Mr Meddick’s campaign argues that despite the bounty costing taxpayers at least $17 million, “fox numbers have only dropped by 4 per cent since the scheme began.

“There is no evidence to suggest long term conservational benefit, and yet the suffering continues,” the campaign states.

“While the environmental damage caused by foxes and wild dogs must be acknowledged, so too should effective and humane alternatives – such as fertility control, fox-proof fencing and guardian animals.

“We urge the government to acknowledge their responsibility to protect our environment without the use of violence.”

Fertility control is sure to stop them eating stock and natives.

What has the bounty done for Victorian Fox and Dog Control

Agriculture Victoria reported more than 874,000 fox scalps and 3900 wild dog body parts have been collected in Victoria since the fox and wild dog bounty was introduced in 2011.

“In 2020 alone, some 59,799 fox scalps and 417 wild dog body parts were collected from 1062 hunters,” Mr Wishart said.

“We achieved this last year despite reduced mobility and a temporary pause in collections due to COVIDSafe requirements. Although the numbers are lower than previous years, it was still a tremendous effort by our Victorian community.

“Foxes and wild dogs require ongoing management by all private and public land managers and Agriculture Victoria supports an integrated approach with a range of practices. This bounty offers an incentive to encourage community participation, but other techniques also are important to effectively manage this challenge.”

Foxes and wild dogs prey on livestock, especially lambs, inflicting significant economic and production loss to Victoria’s livestock sector. They also have an impact on native wildlife.

The Fox and Wild Dog Bounty program received $6.7 million in the Victorian Government’s 2020-21 Budget and will continue until 2024.




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