Katter’s Australian Party Blasts QLD Weapons Licensing Branch

The KAP has blasted a change to Queensland firearms licence applications which could potentially see people with old speeding fines denied a gun licence.

The Queensland Police Weapons Licensing Branch recently updated its firearms license application forms to include the question, “Have you ever been involved with or affected by the following: Charged of fined with an offence (traffic or criminal)?”

KAP’s MPsRobbie Katter MP,Nick Dametto MP,Shane Knuth MPandBob Katterare outraged.

Bob Kattersaid the question was ridiculously broad, potentially affecting most people in Queensland, and suggested it was included as way to catch out and punish people for forgetting about old speeding fines rather than for anything to do with someone being a ‘fit and proper person’ to hold a gun licence.

“There you go once again; they are taking your control over your own life away from you. It’s typical socialist thinking; we are

from the government so we are here to look after you, just give us your right to look after yourself – that is all.”

The ‘affected by’ element in the new application forms was a real issue as well, Mr Katter said, pointing out it could easily cover a situation where someone’s spouse, family member or employee lost their licence for drink-driving, forcing the gun licence applicant to drive them to work or replace them with another employee.

“I will be working to get the question revised or ideally removed from the forms, and that will include writing to State and Federal Ministers this week.”

Mr Katter said once again, rules and policies being made in comfortable central Brisbane offices were being used to make life harder for rural and regional Queenslanders.

“These bumbling, Brisbane-based bureaucrats are taking away North Queenslanders rights to hunt pigs and pests, fish and protect their families and properties,” he said.

“We started the KAP as the freedom and fun Party, but slowly but surely they’ve taken away our rights and freedoms.

“And they are hardly protecting and policing us with an average of 96 crimes committed per day in Townsville last year; calls for help often go unanswered, and their laws are absolutely useless.”




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