Meet the team: Reid Hjorth

Name and birthplace?

Reid Hjorth. Sydney.

When did you first start hunting?

When I was about 4 years old, tagging along with my old man and brother.

What are your three favourite species to hunt?

Deer, pigs and foxes

What’s your favourite hunting technique?

Spot and stalk. I love trying to close the gap on an animal. To me, that is what hunting is all about.

What’s your favourite hunting destination?

The NSW western plains/QLD channel country area. It always seems to be more of an adventure out that way.

Tell us about the top three favourite firearms that you own.

A hard question, but I’d say my Sako 75 in .308 that I bought myself for a 21st Birthday present. It can pretty much do everything that I want in a hunting rifle for Australia. My Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g fits me perfectly for sporting clays competitions and nailing foxes as they come to the whistle and my Howa .223(which I actually won through this magazine about 5 years ago) it is so accurate and I can’t fault it.

When did you start writing for Sporting Shooter?

2002 or 2003 was my first story.

What do you enjoy about writing/working for a hunting magazine?

Being able to see your efforts in print is pretty good and the money I earn from it goes towards a new hunting item to help my sport pay for itself.

What is the best or most satisfying article you have written for Sporting Shooter?

“Birthday Buck” published in 2015. After 5 months of persistence, I finally got my best fallow buck.

What advice can you give anyone wanting to get in to hunting writing?

Just do it. Photo’s are your main thing, so get a good camera – it doesn’t have to be a massive SLR type thing. Type it out as best you can, the Editor can always fix things up if need be.

Please supply three of your favourite hunting photos from past or present.

(See gallery at the top of this page – click and enlarge for captions)




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