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NSW election update: Borsak re-elected

Well firstly a BIG BIG THANK YOU to all you those that turned out yesterday as volunteers in support of our SFP and our hunting culture.

The count goes on, what is clear is that at this time we won’t get Peter up, disappointing. We set our target high and Pete worked incredibly hard. We ran a fantastic campaign but the fog of the ballot paper (and here I mean the number of parties and record level of candidates) plus the relatively poor performance of Labor, has resulted in us not achieving all our goals. Our professional campaign run by Tim and his team sees us with a small increase in our vote over 2011, whereas every other minor party saw a decrease in their vote this time around. Perhaps the plethora of small parties at the federal Senate elections made voters cynical in our recent election, but this is just speculation.

However we bucked the trend! Where we probably are in the new parliament is with Christian Democratic Party (CDP) in partial balance of power in the Upper House, with the Coalition holding 9 or 10 new seats. The count will go on for a few days more to finally sort out the last position or two. There is still an outside chance for a another minor getting up.

The CDP has the balance of power vote on poles and wires, though there will be plenty of other issues that will arise over the next 4 years where CDP will not play ball and they will need to come knock on our door. There is our opportunity, parliamentary relationships are not black and white and there is still the question of Mike Gallacher the ex Police Minister who is also sitting on the cross bench until his ICAC issues are sorted?

The Outdoor Recreation Party and the Fishing Party have totally tanked, who knows why they even bother?

So SFP have bucked the trend, come out with a solid result, in no small part due to the work of the SFP team, but in the end it’s our members and volunteers that are to thank for this, it is your work that has helped us achieve this excellent result.

We will build on this, take our opportunities in the parliament over the next 4 years and set ourselves up for the next election.
Meanwhile thanks again from me, I am really pleased to have had the support and help from you all…bring on the next four years.

You can check the election results HERE




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