Batched up bucks

A Top Morning’s Stalk

By Alex Juris


I’d decided to get out at sparrow’s to get as many live summer animal photos or video footage as I can.

I loaded myself up with two Lumix cameras, a video camera and other photographic gear plus all the necessities to get through a full day out. The Ridgeline pack was carrying plenty but sat comfortably on my back, spreading the load nicely. The Quest G5 compound bow, which has been culling heaps of goats lately, stays home on this outing.

My first encounter was of a couple of hares out feeding. Getting quickly into action with the still camera on the strap around my neck, I snapped a couple of photos before the wind gave me away and they disappeared into the thick cover nearby.

Glassing some higher country with the Steiner 10 x42 Condor binoculars, I spotted a fallow doe  and I need to close the distance between us to get into good video range and to find a good vantage point to set up the tripod in a concealed location. Once again, Ridgeline’s camo clothing helps be break up my outline well.

Having established my position, I noted that more does had joined the lone one I had spotted before, but they only ever appeared interested, but not disturbed at the curious activity in the shade and concealment of the bushes to their flank. I took as much footage and photos as I dare, so as not to prematurely spook them, but all good things must come to an end.

The unfazed deer moved off in a natural progression of their morning activities, but not before I’d had my fill with video and camera.  I now made my way through the gully bellow the deer and some pigs suddenly broke cover; the Lumix camera, set on burst mode snaps a few photos of them on the trot.

Between a couple of rehydration stops and lunch the hours pass quickly, with the last few hours in the afternoon light spent photographing a lone velvet fallow buck and a group of velvet antlered bucks of varying age. It was a top day’s outing with video and still cameras running hot and recording some most pleasing images for the archive. I have shared some with you here.




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