The CWA in NSW have called for a ban on pet foxes.

Snap Shots: Call For Pet Fox Ban

CWA Call For Pet Fox Ban

At their state conference in May, the wonderful ladies of the CWA in NSW have called for a ban on the breeding, rescuing and rehoming of foxes for pets, according to the Bega District News. They also voted to call for foxes to be declared a feral species in NSW in line with the other states. We know it makes sense too.

Gun Laws Not Working

From the unlikely source of the Australian Financal Review comes a piece by Liberal Democrats Senator-elect for NSW, David Leyonhjelm, in which he points out the lack of debate over Australia’s very expensive gun laws and the fact that not a single per-reviewed study has been able to show an effect of the legislative changes on firearm homicides.  This, he says, is quite contrary to the claims of anti-gun activists who continue to cherry-pick statistics to support their “fairy tales”.

Animal Rights Vandals

Animal rights activists have vandalised a Parks and Conservation depot in the ACT in protest against an impending kangaroo cull in nature reserves across Canberra, according to a report in the Canberra Times. It’s interesting to ponder how they think damaging public property and wasting taxpayers’ money in the process could possibly further their cause.

Hunters and Environmentalists Team Up

The Sydney Morning Herald has documented the uneasy alliance between deer hunters and environmentalists to reduce deer numbers in Victoria’s Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve. For mainstream media, it’s a relatively balanced and positive article. 

Armed Teachers In Texas

Finally, from the IJReview, comes news that a Texas school has implemented a very different way of protecting their students against mass shootings – they have armed their teachers.  This, they say, will make potential shooters think twice about targeting their school, while also giving their teachers the wherewithal to disarm the offender.  An interesting concept, but…





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